Weird ai in age games, share your own encounters

I’ve played all of the AOE games thus far and can’t wait for age4, but since we still have age3 and potentially mythology to go yet I thought I’d highlight some weirdness in the age2 and age3 games’ AI.

Age Of Empires 2: Definitive Edition

Pathing has a horrible potential to just go wrong. I’ve had a couple games where some eagle warriors got stuck near trees, a villager walked to the other side of the map when building a castle and my armies are taking the scenic route. None of this is gamebreaking, it’s just weird and can be quite funny at times, especially when the villager has walked 500 miles only to realise he’s got 500 more because he’s an idiot.
The ai building in your base is hilarious, annoying and quite worrying, especially when you’ve wiped out most of their villagers whom are ■■■■-bent on building a mining camp next to gold protected by two castles, a horde of pissed-off paladins and monks intent on wololo’ing their stupidity out of them. In all seriousness, this one is in every single Age game I’ve played and I do hope it gets fixed or at least toned down to bare minimum.
Recently playing the El Cid campaign, alfonso is sending a lot of villagers to hunt down deer next to my army of guns, making removing said villagers easy and his economy worthless. In age3 this is the absolute worst, and I do hope that when the developers start work on age3, they can seriously improve the AI so that it isn’t spamming enough cannon to make ships on the sea jealous and enough pub units to make pmc’s several hundred years earlier than they actually appear. Mythology has this weirdness too, namely with trade since the ai will singlemindedly build its markets in a corner, regardless of who is there or what it has to walk through.

All in all, please make the ai have brains, even if it’s just half of one!