Weird logic in AoE II to be replicated in AoE DE ... hope not

In AoE II, I’m sure you were baffled by the logic that 5 war elephants can be transported by boat, but not more than 5 villagers. Meaning that no thought to weight vs number? I sure hope that in AoE DE the logic will improve such that when 5 elephants are loaded the boat will simply sink. What’s your favorite baffling logic that hopefully doesn’t return to AoE DE?

One of my favorite YouTubers, Spirit of the Law, made a video about this very topic - personally, most or all of these generally serve some sort of gameplay purpose, and for me, gameplay > realism/logic.

I don’t see how they can manage this, I don’t think he wants change the gameplay.

@Augustusman said:
I don’t see how they can manage this, I don’t think he wants change the gameplay.

This can be achieved through some tweaking, for example, adding another unit count which saves the “weight” so transport ships can count those weight numbers in order to let 5 elephants go in or not.

But as @RWNorthPole said, gameplay > realism. It is a extra effort that will surely change the game and it isn’t needed to be honest.

believe that the purpose of this logic is to regard elephants and villagers as a standard called “units”, and as I said here (excellent video of Spirite of the Law) to look like units is something totally related to the gameplay.

RTS has a very large influence of board games, so from time to time it may seem silly larger units count as smaller units.

It’s been the same in aoe1 too. But I’m sure you’re also baffled that a single villager can construct a entire temple on his own. You can resolve this baffling paradox by imagining the villager representing a “unit” consisting of many actual villagers. Now it will also make sense that you can only fit five of these ‘villager units’ in a transport that also can hold five elephants.