Weird scores

Has anyone else noticed that the score in team games can be completely wrong sometimes? It seems to misattribute one of the score categories to the wrong player so scores are switched. I’ve noticed this happen to Military and Economy most often, but that might just be because those are often the biggest scores and most noticeable.
For example:
Something that might be relevant is that the colours on the scoreboard are wrong: in the game I (Aftermath2099) played as blue while the Chinese player (小海) played as yellow, but on the scoreboard I’m yellow. Weirdly, it’s always only one of the tabs that is wrong, the other ones all seem accurate.

Yep I get some weird scores like as follows


Don’t know how anyone can achieve a “negative” score.

Not to mention, how do I place far better than the Hard AI in 4/5 categories and still lose out on the best score?

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Unsure how AOE4 scores are calculated, but at least in AOE2 the military score was based on the cost of units and buildings destroyed, while eco was a portion of existing units and buildings and lump goods that you have remaining.