Well... this is not fair

Ranked game here and my problem is that my starting gold is outside TC, while my opponent’s is under his TC.

Look, I understand random map generation is a way of playing Age of empires, but at the least I’m expecting the early ressources to be mirrored since otherwise it becomes too unfair.

Is this a bug or intented?



Happens all the time.
Super poor/lazy coding.
The game was/is a HUGE moneymachine for microsoft but they don’t wanna invest in it, just milk the cow until it dies.


Seems to be a big issue with this map, all the spawn ressources proximity is very random on this one, very annoying.

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Yeah im downvoting that map next time. Always hated it haha

It looks like a bug. Typically the map seed really helps the devs reproduce spawn issues like this one.

Have a go then. All the tools to create a generated map exist and are functional.

You’ll find it harder than you think. The devs regularly adjust spawns across a range of maps (it’s normally noted in patch notes). Getting it right across all generated map sizes is tricky!


Have a go then?
The Devs had a go for 2 years POST release and multiple years PRE release and get constant feedback.
Sorry dude, but all I can say is: Mission failed.
This game is still a mess after such a long time and not even yet in the state it should have been at release.

Not even in the ranked 1v1 map pool spawns are consistently.
And that’s the BARE MINIMUM which should be on point, as it’s the most competitive mode and a small selection of maps.
Different maps and sizes are a bad excuse tbh.
On Cliffside Malians can not even build pitmines and I have reported that bug multiple months ago.

This game is dying, the support is more than poor for such a moneymaking machine.

My hopes were high when I heard about the announcement of aoe4, but already in the Beta I got severely disappointed.
The quality which was delivered was (with much good will) 2/10, measured on an aoe-scale.

I think it’s clear that they are opposed to the general negativity that you are presenting. There’s nothing being accomplished by broadcasting upset expectations and hurt feelings, and it comes off as petty more than informative.

You make it sound easy to fix… that’s why the immediate response is “then you do it”.

I wasn’t saying anything about your general feelings about the game. You have every right to your opinion.

You said something was lazy / poor programming. I’m a programmer (with some experience with Age IV’s mod tools). I suggested you have a go, because I don’t think it’s that at all.

It’s not like weapon switching issues that get reported. It’s genuinely tricky maths to handle the ways spawns change as map options change (for generated maps specifically).

I would’ve singlehandedly fixed a shitload in this game. They are seriously slacking in some departments. Or rather, probably more correctly to say that they have fuck all resources to do anything of value.

There are lots of things that are undoubtedly down to resource. Resource spawns in generated maps aren’t one of those, is all I’m saying!

(and they actually get prioritised given their impact on competitive play, for better or worse)

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Yea, I wasn’t even commenting on this post’s issue specifically, moreso just MedicMaaan’s comment. Fingers crossed that the DLC’s success will entice the leadership to put some more developers on the project.

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