Wellbarrow and handcard affect fishing ships

Villagers cost 50 food and can build,gather, fight etc but fishing ships 75 wood and they can only fishing. Even with gillnets, fishing ships are not as effective as a villager after farming starts. I think if wellbarrow and handcard effect fishing ships, that will be fair buff for late fishing.

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I think you need to watch some of SotL’s videos on fishing, it definitely doesn’t need this.



  1. Fishing Ships are arguably cheaper than Vills, 75 > 50 is too reductive of an approach to this game, food is an exhaustable resource, that can mostly be generated by “buying” farms.

  2. Water Eco is boomable since the very Dark Age, unlike Land Eco which needs Castle Age to increase growth, unless you’re Cumans.

  3. Water has food in it, plenty of it, the most precious res in the game at the first 40 minutes of the game. Fishing Ships have access to this reservoir.

This is the main reason why there are barely any true hybrid maps, as Memb said yesterday, all land maps with water in them ends up being water wars, you cant afford letting your enemy fish while you focus on land, since water eco is SO supirior to land eco at the first stage of the game. And I’m not even talking about the poor RPS (rock paper scissors) warfare mechanism that water has.

What we actually need is a nerf to Fishing Ships ironically. This post is too shallow no pun intended.


Just to add to the topic.

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I agree that in imp fishing ship are useless, use a lot of pop space, very vulnerable to razia and slower than farmer.

Yep. That is the point. After castle age players adding nearly zero new fishing ships even if there is plenty of food exist in open sea.

But then that’s because it’s too dangerous, not because they are bad.

Have you ever tried fishing with a wheelbarrow? I think you’d find that it wouldn’t make the task more efficient…


Yes but this is exactly as it should be. Medieval societies were by and large agricultural, that means agriculture used up the majority of the labour force and was the main source of food, not fishing, not hunting and not anything else. That is why fishing is a way to supliment your main source of food which is farming and its not there to replace it. Don’t ruin the game.

Unless you’re on BF, where a fish boom that replaces farms nearly entirely is completely unfair if one team doesn’t get a lake. ;p

Think OP doesn’t know how to place Fish Traps, considering how Wheelbarrow or Hand Cart wouldn’t even have much effect as the Fishing Ships are adjacent to both the Fish Traps and the Dock…

If it’s fishing from Deep Sea Fish then sure, it’s there to complement your economy, but you can also protect your ships and fish traps near Docks with Castles/Towers/army, which is already better than Farming.

Yea sure, I mean that is a very niche setup and not really relevant to most maps… and even then, arguably its impractical to completely replace your land food eco… but I don’t know I haven’t played a BF game in years and personally hate that map lol

My point about Fish Traps still stands. On BF though, it’s not impractical at all. The player fish booming will have a much stronger food eco than others, in addition to having a higher eco count due to Docks working from Dark Age onwards.

I can’t talk about other country than France, in France fish was very common. People eat a lot of fish and was the meat of the poor. Even after the end of midle age it was forbidden to give to your worker more than 4 time per week salmon. Fish became more popular after the catholic church ask to don’t eat meat the friday and people take fish instead of meat.

Perhaps make fish trap faster with this tech only if the fish trap is build in deep water like this people will have to take more risk with their fish and can’t use that in BF. And to see the difference, the fish trap could have a different visual when it’s in deep water

But why would people build their fish traps away from their dock when they can already place them around the dock so that the fishing ship doesn’t need to move at all?

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Show me a picture of a ship pushing a wheelbarrow or pulling a hand cart please.

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