Whale oil shipment not working

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  • GAME BUILD #: 100.12.47581.0
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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The whale oil shipment for the Portuguese was not working properly, or at least it wasn’t displayed properly. I had sent a variety of HC and dock upgrades that saw my fishing boats gather 1.02 coin from whales, the same as my French teammate. But when I sent the whale oil shipment (+30% gather rate from whales) it only increased it to 1.07, as opposed to (1.02*1.3=1.326)

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Get all fishing cards (HC + dock) except whale oil as Ports
  2. Get whale oil HC card
  3. Have fishing boat gather rate from whales only show as 1.07 as opposed to 1.326

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The gather rate from whales by fishing ships should have shown 1.326 gold/sec

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Sorry, I forgot to take a screenshot

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pretty sure it goes of the base rate, meaning the formula looks something like this: Rate = Currentrate + Baserate *1.3 = 1.02 + (0.5?) *1.3


Hi @SergeantPoultry !

We tested on our side and seems to be working. As @CitingPepper233 says, the value is calculated using the Base rate.

Thank you for your report anyway :smiley:


include an explanation on cards or game that values are calculated based on the base rate. This is a common question

Every card and upgrade works in the same way, its not needed.
Current stat= base stat * (100 + x% + y%…+n%)

Only plaza, wonders and auras work over final stats.


lol, the reason of players saying that things are not needed is what keeps age 3 without progress. People is even reporting this need as a bug and you say its not needed…

If it would be the way you were thinking the players should care about the order of upgrades, players with the same upgrades would have different stats. Also whats the issue if you will send the card anyways and a 25% will be better than a 10% one always.

im just saying that there should be info inside thee game taht techs affects the base stats… tahts all. Because cards say increase 20% (and newplayers are like, 20% of what?) and everybody knows its 20% of the baseline, but when someone is new, it impsoible to know, because the game says 20% (but 20% of what?).
Incomplete information kills.


Well, @raulramirez91 has a point here.
Experienced players knows how the game works. They don’t need any info.

New players may be confused at first (for example how upgrades works, what is the difference between Light Infantry or Shock Infantry, what are base gather rates). It would be nice if those kind of information would be presented in some form of tutorial (maybe there is already a guide like this?).

It is important to smoothly introduce new players to the game.

@ IkoKnight8151. Thank you for your reply. But I still don’t understand how the French player got an almost identical father rate from whales as I did, as the Ports. We both had the same HC cards and there were no natives on the map that would have boosted the fishing gather rate. So if it was based on the baseline of 0.5 (resulting in a 0.15 increase) then I should have got 0.15gold/sec more than the French player, which I did not have. Can you please explain as to why that could have occurred? I’ve put thousands of hours into this game and I still can’t understand why he would have had a similar (borderline identical) father rate when I should have been gathering faster.

Then I would have had +0.15 gold/sec compared to the French player, which I did not have, it was only like 0.02gold/sec more

He was your teammate correct?

Then I suspect its due to the difference between your fish market card and his

Port fish market card is a team card that gives +10% to all

French fish market card is a single one that gives +25% to them only

so he gets 15% more than you and also gain 10% more due to your team card

Assuming you both sent the same cards and upgrades ( gill nets, long lines, fish market and rendering plant)

French - 0.5 x (1+0.15+0.3+0.25+0.3+0.1) = 1.05

port - 0.5 x (1+0.15+0.3+0.1+0.3) = 0.925

then you get whale oil it becomes 1.075

I just played two separate single player games getting all the fishing upgrades and the French (with all the French cards + the port team bonus) came out to be 0.925 gold/sec. I’m not sure where you got the +0.25 bonus from.

From the two separate games as well as this thread, I now understand that the Port cards where all working as they should be, adding up to get 1.0725 gold/sec. I still don’t understand how the French got to be 1.02 gold/sec though, as the map didn’t have any natives that could send fishing cards, with the map being Carolina, which only have Cherokee and the Seminole, which don’t have any water benefits. If anyone knows how the French got to 1.02 gold/sec from 0.925 (i.e a +20% boost) can I pls get a reply?

I just tried it just now and got 1/sec without the port team bonus so the numbers are correct. I actually don’t know how you could have gotten 0.925

to be super precise, here are the pics with each other the upgrades

Gill nets (+15%)
Long Lines (+30%)
Fish Markets (+25%)
Rendering Plant (+30%)

A card that is missing from here is Eco theory, which also gives a 10% boost, what could be happening is the 20% came from a combination of your team fish market + eco theory

Okay, I just realized that in the pre build naval deck for the French the fish market card is missing, hence why I was so confused. I now see the “error”, which is to say there wasn’t one. Thanks for helping to clarify all that up. I just thought that the Port boom would be far stronger than the French, which it is, I just thought that the difference would be greater than what it actually was