What about an Age of Empires Units Miniatures Collection?

Now that Microsoft has finally launched the official Age of Empires Gear Shop, I was thinking that one product that ought to be a hit among the community is a collection of unit miniatures from each game in the series!

So, I’ve created this thread to invite everyone to contribute with it’s personal selection of, at least, twelve units that couldn’t be left out of a imagined launch series of the collection.

All games are electable (Age of Empires, Age II, Age III and Age of Mythology)!

As there is an enormous variety of units of different types and functions, I decided to establish a set of rules to help keep the discussion focused:

- Land, foot units only (no heroes, mounted units, ships, mechanical siege units, flying myth units, cheat units);
- At least three units from each game, totalling twelve (as these kinds of collections have at minimum this number of itens, I believe), OR choose one of the games and pick up twelve units from it.
- Try to write a diverse list, with units from different world regions.

I have created the rules above when the post was first written, but you can ignore then!

My personal list:

Age of Empires: Legion, Hoplite, Priest (because WOLOLO);
Age II: Teutonic Knight, Jaguar Warrior, Shotel Warrior;
Age III: Musketeer, Tomahawk, Samurai;
Myth: Son of Osiris, Colossus, Einherjar.

Then, which ships, siege units or other kinds of units should be present on an eventual second series of this collection? Write down after your main suggestions!

For reference:

I hope Microsoft give a check on this idea!


I think the idea is kinda cool, but I don’t get these rules. Thinking about what kind of AoE2 miniature people might like to own, the first unit that comes to mind is a mangonel. Second is a knight, third probably a mangudai. Maybe after that the champion, eagle warrior and elite teutonic knight start lining up. The petard is also somewhere on the list for the memes, but certainly not before the elite war elephant. Me, I’m a heavy camel guy. Or chariots in Age1. I don’t see much of a point in calling for diversity but limiting the list to (unique) infantry and foot archer units.

I agree that it’s probably easier/cheaper to do infantry from a logistical standpoint, but from a collection standpoint, showing off you’re an Age fan, I don’t see much of a point in doing foot soldiers only.

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An Age of Empires chess set will be great.


Cheat units can be funny with some text (like if you recognise this car you are a cheater since 1999). Cavalry units are cool. I don’t get it why you just want foot unit.

Hussars/Huszars are cool. Mangudais are cool. Berserkers are cool. Royal Jannissaries are cool. I know/play just Age 2.

World is global but where are you selling these products are important. For example Teutonic Knights could be sold easily in Europe, but not Jannissaries. But Mangudais and monks can be sold globally.

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But I really thing that you shouldn’t exclude ships siege or mounted units… but that can be another collection…lol
I- Hoplite, priest, axe man, hoplite representing the end of this era, axe man the beginning, and the priest is a classic.
II-M@a, Hand canonner, eagles, the beginning and end of era, and eagles for americas
III- samurai, musketeer, tomahawk, i never played much that game… but it seems to cover it all in a fast look…
Myth- Medusa, Anubite, Frost, one for each of the initial civs, myth units that I thing have good commercial appeal…

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Don’t forget AoM

And I want a serjeant or a condo.

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This is exactly the reason I have proposed the rules, but you can ignore then if you want! They only discourage people from participate in the discussion, actually.

You know you can just get actual Medieval military miniatures, and a lot of them are very close to AoE2 units, right?

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I have considered this from a logistical perspective. As It would be the first series on the collection, the shop might consider test the ground for it first. Actually, I agree with your considerations!

The serjeant barely is part of the game and it is one of my favorite looking units units already!


It does look pretty cool, and is a more accurate Medieval Infantry model than the Militia line after Man-at-Arms.

There was no such thing as a Longswordsman in the Middle Ages, the Longsword was just a two-handed blade that was a sidearm to the Spear, Axe or Mace + Shield that any “Man-at-Arms” (which is actually a knightly class of professional retinue soldiers, full time, for rich Lords) would actually go to battle with.

I really do like the Serjeant, even the rank is Medieval, and fits the game very well.

For sure, but this collection would be an official Age of Empires units collection, and every fan knows the difference that makes! You can’t gift a Warhammer 40k Space Marine miniature to a StarCraft fan and expect him to accept it as if it was the same as a StarCraft Space Marine, even they looking like so similar.

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But both Warhammer 40K and Starcraft figures are stylized, while AoE2 keeps it much more grounded.
The vast majority of AoE2 units are actually very simplistic Medieval miniatures already.

I love this miniatures, actually! But I think a collection with a selection of very distinct looking Age units would be a great success, considering the design peculiarities, considering the Mangonel, for example. But I agree with you if we pick units as the Teutonic Knight, that have majestic miniature models for sale already!

Every video game has a unique interpretation on the appearance of historical military units. Having the same exact unit appearance in all video games would be quite boring. Figurines and models have been some of the most popular items included with the collector’s editions and promotions for Age games to date and it would be awesome to have the opportunity to purchase a representation of the game and use it to decorate the office or home.