What about an auto-repairing function for villagers?

Hello, people!

I love this function available for peons in Warcraft III: you right-click the “repair” button, turning on the “auto-repair”, and everything you need to get every damaged building or mechanical unit of yours repaired is left the peon close to them, as he will do everything by himself, without demanding the player to select every single unit or building manually.

I think this function would be pretty welcome in every single Age game, as I believe the demand for the player to manually select every single damaged siege unit, ship or building in the middle of a battle really breaks its rhythm. It’s like moving back to your farms and reseeding them manually in the old days of the first Age game.

An alternative to this feature could be the highlighting of the health bar from every damaged building or siege unit when a villager is selected, and the same for when a monk is selected, so it becomes easier to recognize which siege units and boats need repairing, or which units need healing. I particularly prefer the “auto-repairing” function, by far. What do you guys think?


Only if it comes with an Auto-housebuilder, Auto-armysplitter, Auto-villager and Auto-win feature, because I am getting really sick of playing the game myself.

Sorry, I did not mean to be rude and I can understand what you mean, but we should really stop to talk about all those (in my opionion) stupid auto-features! Auto-scouting was bad enough…

The few fast-clicks more, to repair an trebuchet or mangonal in time, with microing your archers at the same time do really separate a pro-player from a casual - if we start to auto everything, there will be no more competetive play.


I hate everything about it. Learn to play and stop complaining. And yes I manually reseed my farms, only in a minority of games I queue up in the mill.

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Well, I suggest you try the auto farm reseed feature. It’s quite decent.

oh wait

This is more acceptable


It’s more of a realization of your behavior against me so probably you also behave like that against others. Those are really the most annoying people in stream and you reminded me of them.

If I had auto reseed I would definitely not use it it in the majority of games because they usually only last less than 40 minutes, and having controll over woodRes is much more important than it is to save some clicks. Reseeding farms is really no effort, just “Idle vill” > right click. And If I did not want to do that I would queue up in the mill because that works perfectly fine.

Obviously I hate auto reseed because it replaces a perfectly balanced feature, so I would avoid it out of principle. The only reason that could pursuade me if I feel like I’m in a significant disadvantage lategame.

Also, since you know, you don’t even own the game, I don’t expect you to realize how much useful the auto reseed is in most situations

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If you can’t handle a joke…

It is an effort when you are raiding the enemy base and he is sending you pikes and you suddenly have all your farms go idle.

Perfectly balanced feature?
Oh, yeah, sure…
I’m pretty sure FE would not add it if it wasn’t requested enough

And yeah, my point is still valid.
You can’t complain about something you can’t even try.

Meaning you whole eco is under raid? That is when you type gg, not remember to do auto farm reseed


I’d rather have that you leave me alone, like I have asked you many times already. But instead you feel the need to keep responding to my posts.

I am really not interested in a conversation with you.

I’ll just let your post sit there, since it doesn’t make much sense to me.

I dont really like this idea. It will make walling even stronger and therefore early aggression less viable. I already think walling is too strong and is done too frequently. Every Arabia game i play the enemy is walled before they hit feudal age. I do think walls needs to be less strong in the early game. Auto-repairing function for villagers makes walls (i include buildings into the wall also as wall) even stronger. I dont think it is the right direction of the game.

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I agree.

Regarding walls; if you have M@a or scouts and your opponent keeps walling behind, that’s also crucial damage to their eco. If you followup with skirms or archers then they have to use expensive buildings to wall which will delay their followup. At a higher level you will notice people playing more open to be more efficient.

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I honestly cringe when I see people parroting this kinda of argument whenever they glance the word ‘auto’. What happened that you can’t even go through a discussion and argue without being unnecessarily sarcastic? The addition of a auto-exploration tool that barely has any impact on actual gameplay really need to poison our conversations and dumb down discussions like that? I don’t think it’s necessary.

lmao you don’t even play DE, you wouldn’t auto-reseed your farms even if you wanted to, what are you even talking about.

Going on-topic now:

Definitely have to agree here, the siege repairing plays too big of a role in the game to possibly be so streamlined. Same for the walling, as already pointed out. Villagers already do a fine job as constructors automatically tasking themselves to other constructions, automatizate their reparing would make them too powerfull. It’s very simmilar to why monks can heal on their own, but need proper micro to make conversions.

This, on the other hand, seems very interesting to me. I would love to have damaged units and buildings highlighted when hovering repair or healing commands.


I never claimed I did… Why would I use auto reseed If I don’t even use regular mill reseeds in the majority of games? I gave my explanation, but you rather like to make an annoying comment instead.

I have played plenty of de and I too really looath the auto farm feature

Queuing farms was fun to me,n ow I just actiave
auto farm while hate doing so but the options is there and I am not voluntarily playing with an metaphorical arm behind my back.

Wacraft 3 was an inferior rts game compared to aoe 2 and we should stop porting it’s poor mechanics over and I played plenty of WC3 back in the days. I haven’t played WC3 in ages and got zero urge to do so anytime soon but still played aoe 2 contuiisly over the decades.

Auto stuff makes for more boring games.

Well if you can’t do what is more fun to you then too bad.

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Another example of another game which shows why removing “mundane” parts of games in favour of Quality of life is a bad idea.

In wow, in the original vanillagame you need to ride your horse everywhere (like a 5 man dungeon). Later you got the option to directly teleport there.

I enjoyed the ride to the dungeon. It adds immersion and is a fun adventure,but if you got the option to beam, walking is just a waste of time you skip.

Made the game so much worse, now we got classic would of warcraft because the game became so dumped down over the years it wasn’t fun anymore.
Aoe 2 is on the same path with the se kind of auto changes.

Was the game forcing you to teleport? You could totally keep riding as you used to do.


If you wanted to get groups as fast as possible then yes, you were.


Did you even read my post, wooosh…

The hole story was about why riding is only a theoretical option when in practice everybody would just skip that hole (fun) part of the game when given the option, because it is the more performant, efficeitn way even thought it is less fun.

I will try again…

Let’s just assume trebuchet did not exist for a moment and that someone would really like that kind of gameplay were it is really hard to push castles. Then in a new theeotical expansion trebuchet were later introduced. Do you thing anybody would not use trebuchet because they prefer the game that way in online play while their enemy is using the new unit. Of course this player would ■■■■■ about this new feature “running” their game. This is my relationship with auto farms.

I understand that many people do like auto farm and I accept that but the argument that I could just continue queuing farms as in the past is wrong. Only by the existence of the auto farm option my fun in the game is advers affected.

What a lovely discussion we are having here. Great contribution from everybody. I’m glad.

The “auto-repair” function itself isn’t the focus of my post. As I see after posting it, I haven’t made myself clear about it.
The core of my suggestion is simply to turn the process of repairing siege units during a battle more dynamic.
Anticipating that the “auto-repair” suggestion wouldn’t be much of a success, I included the health bar highlighting alternative.
Nowadays, to repair these units, It’s necessary to select all of them, damaged or not, eliminate the healthy ones from the group, move the damaged ones to a different spot in order to facilitate the repairing, and order one or more villagers to repair them, one by one. At least, that’s the way I use to do it, if you guys know better way, please describe it for us.

As I see now, thanks to your points, a villager on this game capable of such an ability for auto-repairing could unbalance it on many different ways. Warcraft III is a different game with a dynamic of its own.

At least, a new feature where the game highlights the health bar from damaged siege units, boats and buildings when a villager is selected would be great, and, as I see now, better welcomed by the community. On what concern about buildings, it would be especially useful for the repairing of walls. I hope the devs notice this thread.

Thanks for your comments, folks.


You do have a correct point. But thing is, if we keep getting these suggestions every now and then, that means Auto Scout was a mistake in both idea and existence.

Its bad idea
Why so much people prefer play Aoe2 than Aoe3 and starcraft 1 over starcraft2 ?

a big part are more automation and easy to use… if you remove some mechanical room here and there it will become a boring game like aoe3 where everything is easy and boring to play and just a A clicking position, you need to optimize yours movements and choose between micro yours building placements unactive Vills, optimize gathering point or micro your army group to optimize the effectiveness, if you have less and less room to improve because they remove mechanical things to the game i bet less and less people will play it