What about co-op campaign in AOE IV?

I first got to know AOE in multiplayer and then discovered the single campaign. It would be great if there was also a kind of multiplayer / co-op campaign.

What do you think about that?


CoH2 has an huge amount of co-op missions for multiplayer. I tried it once, but my burning hatred for that piece of software, combined with my masochist teammates, made me quit the game.

The good thing about then is that you can actually play with friends of different levels. You can’t 1v1, play ranked tg or even tg vs bots with your unbelievably bad/good friends, so that gives you an good option to have fun.


Some co-op missions would be pretty good.
HerianB said,CoH2 had some co-op missions but i never tried them,i don’t know how they work

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Although Co-op is an enjoyable feature, I’d see a few more prioritised features such as;
solo campaign
Seasonal features
Better game performance
Better graphics
Then a 3-mapped Co-op campaign, playable through LAN &/or multiplayer.


So obviously coop isn’t a bigger priority than a stable game, balance, etc. :smiley:
But having it sounds like a really fresh idea. There are many players enjoying the single player campaigns. And many of those campaigns have allied nations in many missions. I think there must be a way of finding a nice storyline that includes two players.
A challange would be the AI adopting its difficulty level to both players (attacking the better one harder). So you should be able to set individulal difficulties


I do hope they include this :slight_smile: Age of Empires 2 did.

I’d really love this. It looks like AoE3:DE just included co-op PvE scenarios recently, hopefully AoE4 does at some point in the future as well.