What about DLC's

i really want to ask …

now if you want to buy this game you have to pay at least 40$ … ok what about DLC’s?

iam working in my counter and my salary 200$ … its so good for my country but … what about the game ?

do i have to pay 40$ for now and pay more for DLC’s ?

Yes, although who know when the first DLC will arrive.

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You should switch your steam region to your specific country, it might be that the price for your region is cheaper, on mine it’s about $26

which country is the best ?/

Which country are you from? The price is so cheap!

Russia or Argentina…

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Argentina? this has to be a joke rigth

Peru, it’s 102 soles which is about 26.2 dollars with current USD-Sol exchange

I would love Argentínian prices.

not for aoe4 :wink: :wink: :wink:

I assume there will be free updates, some including content/ challenges as seen with Age 2 DE (new free challenge missions for example) but I wouldnt expect too much.

As for DLC price, I would argue regarding the civs it brings and content added.

The base game has 8 civs and 4 campaigns for 60€ here.

If a DLC is 2 new civs with 1 campaign each (so 2 campaigns) I would expect the price to be around 1/4 of the base game ca. Maybe a bit more because 2 campaigns would be half of the OG content. So lets say 16-18€.

Another (although due to asymmetric civs more unlikely) way would be a mini DLC: 1 civ with only 1 Scenario mission - that would be like 5€. But I do not believe this will happen.
1 civ with a campaign maybe, then it would be around 10€ /1/8 of civ content, but 1/4 of campaigns)