What about hidden elements like traps in AoE 4?

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we can hide ships and army. What about the possibility to set traps on the map? Something like stumbling blocks with pointed stakes in it? You can find traps with your scout, outposts and so forth. If you forgot to scout you can lose a lot of army like by Wololo. It could be that this feature make the game to complex for some players, but i like the idea and i see the option to implement traps with one of the next civs.

What do you think about it?

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I like the idea. The mechanic you mention is something that exists in the game called Ancestor’s Legacy. I think it would be pretty cool to have in the game

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Age of Mythology had something like this in the Titans expansion IIRC. One of the god powers dropped spider eggs on the ground that turned invisible and if an opponent walked over them their units would get snatched (with a funny scream to boot!)

Traps would be great, but I suspect adding this element would bring up potential balance issues.

If they ever make some civ about Transylvania, having the scout place Vlad the Impaler styled traps would be epic.

But how exactly will they work? Reveal the enemy? Root only one unit? It would be pointless to build them for just 1 unit.

Hiding should be a good system, but we all know that it’s almost forgotten.
I think the reason is that they are too easy to be solved. A scout or a tower can easily find out what’s in the forest. This makes hiding troops in trees useless.