What about Hussite Wagons without attack?

Just wondering, what would happen if we would take away the attack from hussite wagons?
Instead give them 350 / 450 HP and also reducing the Pierce armor to 5 / 7 (Elite).

Hussite Reforms could make them unconvertable and also cost 20 Gold less.

I think with this changes it would be much more fun to play with them as frontline unit to protect the backline behind. Still you need to be carefull against enemy siege cause then you don’t have any attack to fight back against it. You must use the comparably high mobility to avoid getting hit, but this may open opportunities to attack the backline for your opponent.

I think this would be much more reflective to their usage, as they were mainly designed to build these “wagon forts” to protect what is behind. Not necessarily to attack with themselves without any backline.

Will become a useless unit to make


Imagine using those attackless wagons to shield some weaker units like houfnices or hand cannoneers, then imagine 20-30 hussars/cavaliers that simply go around and kill them all, without even touching the wagons, and why should they, they posed no threat at all.

Without attack they should at least physically block the path, otherwise any fast unit could just circle around and kill without much effort anything behind them.

At the moment any unit that tries to circle around the wagons gets severely damaged by them at least.


Well the Idea would be to protect mainly ranged units, arbs and/or HC with them. As bohemians already have one of the best halb lines in the game, the hussite wagons are mainly against ranged units. Slower Melee units can still be blocked a lot with the comparably fast wagons and cavalry can be stopped by the halbs.

The wagons shouldn’t be the solution to all kind of situations.

I just wonder how this could play out, I think it could be an interesting feature to have a unit that is basically only designed to soak damage, nothing else. I think this would be interesting to play with and try to figure out how to make them work. And I think the other bonusses of bohemians could make this actually work.

The thing is, if you strip the attack from the wagon, if somehow the units that should protect die, then you have spent a lot of gold and wood for something that suddenly does nothing and still takes up population space.

Now if all your hand cannoneers die, your wagons are not automatically useless.

On the other hand it also forces you to overspend a lot to make it useful.
For example now you can build 10 wagons in castle age to defend reasonably against crossbows, if you make it attackless why would you make it? Just make skirms, even with 400 hp it will still die, even more if you nerf its pierce armor, and thinking of it, why should crossbows attack it? The AI maybe can be tricked, but a human would just ignore it and keep killing your vills.
Basically it becomes something useless on its own, like siege towers, it will be something that forces you to invest in something else, BEFORE using it.
But since it’s so expensive, why don’t you simply create MORE of the units that it should protect?

I’m surprised you can’t garrison archery range infantry…

I don’t think that it would be a great mechanic to implement, but if you really wanted you could try and recreate it using triggers, to see how it plays out.