What about moats?

Hey people, my first post here :slight_smile:

One of the most wrong representations of fortresses defenses were seen back in Game of Thrones series in Winterfell invasion, with the soldiers defending the walls… outside the walls. When studying medieval war strategies we are commonly faced with the fact that walls existed to be defended from inside, and fighting the enemy by thirsty and hungerness. In the last AOE IV fan preview, I saw something very afortunate concerning this: spykes… but no moats. I think the developers should consider the development of a moat/spyke system built to “upgrade” the walls. These systems could be built in different scales and speeds, and make the life of the defenders easier (or harder depending on the situation). So, that’s it for now, I would love reading other’s ideias about this, thanks and see you around!

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This dosent work well for multiplayer.

Add moat, a game time is much longer, rhythm is much slower, this is RTS game do not want to see.