What about tower focussed faction?

What do you guys think about that. Im a huge fan of towers (aswel bombard towers as keeps) and it would be cool too have a faction which has actually usefull keeps late game.

Koreans are pretty much that, with Japanese keeps also being quite good


Towers used to be much stronger. But they were nerfed in DE. Incas used to be infamous for their tower rushing. Same case for the Koreans.

Players got upset that you could be very aggressive with towers in the feudal age. Granted, they get their stats back in the castle age.

Yeah, pretty much this.

To OP:

Typically a tower focussed civ will be goid at tower rushing.

There are good tower rush civs:

  • koreans: stone gather bonus, tower auto upgrades, tower range UT
  • incas: cheaper tower, stronger vils in castle age
  • poles : vils regen hp, free gold on stone gathering
  • sicilians: tower producing infantry, infantry building towers

But the tower bonus of these techs are always kept in check due to tower rushing being infamous/hated in aoe2.

Fir late game, you can look at japanese keeps (tower UT), spanish Bombard Towers and keeps (supremacy UT vils), portuguese Bombard tower (projectile speed UT), and Koreans keeps (+2 range UT). You should not expect another late-game tower civ aspretty much everything is covered by these 3 civs.

If you enjoy single player and lobby, you can also create your own tower civ using krakenmeister website.


You missed Turk bombard towers and Briton keeps.
Also Chinese bombard towers are very tough to take out.

Korean Keeps are the most useful for keeping enemy onagers and bombard cannons away from your ranged units, since their 15 attack with 13 range does wonders vs siege.

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Also portuguese bombard towers, they might not have a bonus but you can spam them if you have feitorias up and running.

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players were upset that tower rushing was the overwhelmingly dominant strat.

Koreans, Spanish, Incas, Teutons, Poles and even Malay, Mongols and Lithuanians due to fast uptime, which is the most important thing pretty much. They’re all used to have a viable Feudal gameplan, but ever since the Tower nerfs and the Arabia changes Trushing is no longer a sustainable strategy.

Sadly the meta is too restrictive.

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