What advantage do the British have at all?

Just curious, what is the advantage of British anymore? Specifically 1v1… in team games the British are strong because of the extra space, resources, and time to fully boost their units - however in 1v1 match ups I am always outboomed, or outmassed, or even if I have a counter they keep spamming the unit and win. I take all upgrades from the market, I use cards to boost economy, I use free unit cards where applicable… Idk what to do, the civ just feels like it completely sucks compared to others in 1v1.

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Gets Vills from making Houses, which means you get to 99 Vills faster than all other civs, and have the best Economy in the game.
It allows Brits to just steamroll other civ, specially when paired with their incredible Musketeer and Hussar, both of which have a lot of cards pushing them.

This is strange, because you get a lot more Vills than anyone else, faster. If anything, it should be you outspamming and swarming the opponent.


I totally agree with you, is just crazy how strong british get, no way to stop them!


Brits are probably one of the best civs at booming and have fast Age II up with 17 vils. You have lots of flexibility. Rush/be aggressive in Age II, boom, water boom. I’d argue not FFing since they don’t have any real advantages vs. staying in Age II.

The issue some players have is that their boom is micro intensive, in the sense that new villagers from manors must be put to work immediately and some players don’t manage idle vils that well. Some players also get too invested in the boom and get steamrolled by a rush. If you’re playing as Brits, you’re likely not quickly trying to end the game but rather boom over time while fending off the enemy until your eco can overtake theirs and you can outmass them.

This is very far from reality. Ports can get to 99 much faster, and ottoman or french double TC boom is comparable if not stronger. You only get 20 villagers from houses.
The Brit golden period is between age 1 transition and late age 3, since the villigers and the cards make your musks and hussars comparable to age 4 of other nations. If the game goes to industrial, others will have caught up with the economy and will usually have better tools to deal with your balls.

Brits also have periods of vulnerability in age 2 during their house boom, denying wood usually hits them pretty hard.


Brits are dangerous in 1v1 and team games.
I always scare good british player .


In a straight boom war I think Brits can max faster than any Euro civ, especially if they use estates.

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That trick works in team games or treaty. 1v1,not so much, people will poke you by then. Op wants to know of 1v1.

Even in team games, if you go fi and you get focused down, it’s a free win for the opponent. If you don’t FI, it’s not worth it.

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I thought we were talking purely about getting to 99 vils the quickest?

In 1v1 you have to balance your economic growth against your military strength but Brits are probably still tier 1. They are well balanced and have lots of good matchups.

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Just give me these beautiful British Rockets to every other civs and I will love them all! :smiley:

After sending Virginia Company British boom is incredibly strong and quick. They also have a lot of upgrades for Musketeers. If you are able to balance your military and economy you will beat your enemy in late game.

In my opinion British is first tier civ.

Brit is a good nation in 1v1, but it’s one of the hardest to use, because you need the map, and you will be stuck age 2 longer than your opponents.

Brit struggle with ff nations, that comes with skirms and canns before 10 mins, when you need to deal with it with musk/huss.

There’s no solution than mastering it. They’re not op, nor they’re bad. Just hard to master.

Britain destroys Spanish FF…

I don’t get your point ? Spanish FF destroy Dutch, so ?

If I remind correctly, brit had the lowest winrate in 1v1 on EP.

British card selection is good but not the best. Their units are good, but lacking skirms (which are better than longbows). Your advantage is pretty much just the boom. But you boom is the best in the game easily.

Newer players don’t know how aggressive your boom should be: as greedy as possibly without dying.

Let’s say you are versing someone who isn’t going to rush you, so you get your perfect start. What you want to do is:

  1. TP + manor (chop 35 extra wood).
  2. Gather only food from hunts.
  3. Send 3 vils, then virginia company.
  4. As you age, move nearly everyone off food onto wood (keeping a couple who are herding/gathering enough to not idle your tc).
  5. Build manors until you have 20
  6. Send 700 wood, 5 vills
  7. Try and sneak in the 2 food market upgrades and 1 coin

By doing this you will pretty much be 20 vills ahead of your opponent at around 5~6ish minutes in. And at this stage, you switch fully to unit production, and you will effectively get 1 extra musketeer more than your opponent every 5-6 seconds… Very quickly this will let you overwhelm your opponent with a much bigger army.

As you verse better players, they are less likely to let you sit their building manors freely, and will need to stop early to build units to defend yourself.

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While other civs can certainly boom, no other civ can really scale like Brits can in Age II IMO. Yes, Ports get 2 TC’s in Age II and another free one in Age III, but even dual TC vil production vs. a manor boom through 7/8 min just can’t compare nor scale in the earlier portions of the game. The longer the game goes on, the stronger the Port boom is, but that takes time vs. Brit boom which is available earlier on.

Skirm vs. Lbow are different units and the fact Brits have access to this unit in Age II and costs food + wood better compliments the British eco too. I agree their Age II cards aren’t that stellar though.

There really is nothing stopping a Brit player from playing aggressively. You can rush just as well as France or other Euro civs.

I know British are really good in bomming but I myself also find that when I am playing Britain I seem to be bad at it. My fully upgrades muskets lost against the German dopplesoldner and to me at first glance the dopplesoldner doesnt look like it counters musketeer.

Yes, as I said, British sweet spot is age 2 - age 3.