What AOE4 need to do basely

here is a list of what AOE4 need to do basely, no excuse. Most of them are AOE2\3’s basic function

  1. building rotation
  2. units can set a destination when leave TC or towers after stationed
  3. game can be pause, and can be operated when pause.
  4. cheat cods should contain cheat units
  5. MORE MORE MORE animals and plants!
  6. more game modes, classic and new, just like treaty and so on
  7. when multi-select units or buildings, it should show out their data—— HP, attack, etc.
    When units stay in tower or TC, I want to see their data, too.
    and data must contain their prices.
  8. team/clan system. I can have show my team name in front of my ID. And add a team ranking.
  9. taunts! More than 30 taunts.
  10. more game settings, just like fast game, infinite resource.
  11. When game finished, game should stop immediately, and I can read the summery immediately.
    and the summery should add one curve, that is the whole resource I have collected.

i agree with u.When units stay in tower or TC, I want to see their data, too.

Good suggestions @ArtisttZ

For me the points 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 are the most important.

Furthermore I would add improvements on the AI. The AI should have character like in AOE3 or Stronghold. That would make playing against AI much more fun. This would be very important for casuals. Besides the AI should be more intelligent.

Character based Ai like in stronghold would really improve peoples experience playing against AI. the character should also influence how the ai is behaving. In stronghold every opponent has kind of a fixed build order.

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Very good comment. Yes the character should influence the way they play. For example the Pig in Stronghold :smiley: who plays aggressive.

For casuals it would be very important to have an AI like this. For me it is not fun at all to play against a faceless AI.

  1. In-game diplomacy
  1. redesign of the current civs. they dont work in the current balance