What are peoples opinions with people quitting? Should there be punishment?

Hi guys,

I’m really enjoying AOE at the minute, I haven’t been into a game as much as I am now for a long time. But I find that 40% of games, are filled with people pulling de sync or people just quit as soon as they loose a battle, really giving up too easy. Is there any thoughts behind a punishment system from Relic? I’m getting abit tired of people quitting and I find the only real way is to have surrender systems for teams or punishments for people leaving? What are your guys thoughts?

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There needs to be an option to ban maps that are not preferred by the player.
That way, no one will leave.

If they leave mid-game they should get 5 min punishment and if they repeat it again, 5 times 5 = 25 minutes, and 2nd time 25 times 5 = 125 minutes etc.

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Punishment for de-sync is reasonable, punishment for dodging a crappy map because no option was there to avoid it even 30% of the time is not, nor is a punishment for quitting after a horrible battle around mid-game justifiable.

If somebody de-syncs because they didn’t like seeing a team of 3 Chinas against them, they deserve to be punished. Players do have to deal with what they get eventually.

If somebody makes a habit of leaving team games really early, like 10-15 minutes in because their ally didn’t do something well enough, they deserve something like a few minutes locked out of the QM queue.

This is actually that pisses me off so much. Plenty of situations that were easily turned around or even victory was close my ally just decides its “gg” even tho its not.

For example today I had game against Mongol & china vs China & Rus. My allie was only doing HA which would be fine in scenario where opponent wasn’t out producing me with siege. We were actually multiple times pushing to enemy side of map but everytime Rus stopped producing springalds we started to get pushed back and the final push back my ally had 0 springalds and they were next to Rus base and ally just called GG. Even tho I was destroying all their siege.

There is no solution for this other than just suck it up. They cant start punishing ppl for leaving. Only thing that could help is vote for surrender and if u leave then you get penalized but kind of impossible to do for 2v2 unless its 2 votes for surrender but then another could just keep staying in game to grief

nothing more than waiting to enter, then surrender。Surrender will not be punished.

even without that punishment system, i wait for 7 minutes sometimes…often almost every game.
Lets punish people, make game less enjoyable etc.

Or may be fix game firstly?
So people would not pissed off facing some cheeses every fight?

Even in dota people do not leave… jsut muted toxic players.
But here you do not see the score, whoever placed wonder == autowin. (Even if you kill it, it’s not enjoable, because you fighting against some ■■■■ mechanics 100 layers of walls, even bombards do not attack at right angle… etc)
Currently meta is toxic fiesta.
So people are altf4.
Fix game firstly.

That goes without saying.

treaty mode was exactly for all of this. You have 40 or 60 minutes to play and develop and then if after the time you are cleared off, those are the rules but you assure yourself 40 minutes of gameplay.
Its the best solution, thats y im begging them to add it.

Noobs will be noobs after 20/40/60 even 220 minutes. I have seen in aoe3de but it creates great action, Free battle mode like we are forced to play now its obvious that they want to let economy grow peacefully (even me but im trying to adapt to this mode) so they will quit

When ranked ladder comes into effect you can make them lose MMR for abandoning a game.

As for normal games, I don’t think there should be any “punishment”.

You can’t punish people for surrendering early.
Also people will have different opinions on what too early could be. I agree that players should communicate better with each other but wasting time on a game that is already lost can also be just as annoying.
Also just throwing that here too, not being able to pause the game can also be a big factor on people having to suddenly leave the game


Dota can, LOL can.
Just played in aoe2, won 3vs4, if player stays more time probably would won earlier.

why you need to leave the game, if you can just walk away and return later.
For me it worked (in top1000 TG game), lost a lot vils, but other players managed to hold.

Yeah, I always think some people give up way too easy and there isn’t always a way back - but I’ve managed it a few times when I thought all was over and winning feels even better!

I do think COH had a surrender system which was pretty useful, its just a shame that if people quit after they lose a couple villagers or something doesn’t go perfectly it can be frustrating for everyone else. As you guys say, other games have it too.

It’s a shame that people who DC can’t rejoin back as I guess there are always crashes, would have thought that it would be possible with a modern game! Was there any talk of this during the Beta?

You know what, sometime I quit not because I willing to.
It was the fuckkkkkkkking GAME CRASHED.
That why I mentioned that AOE4 should have rejoin system like SC

Although the game has never crashed on me (yet) I agree 100% that a rejoin button should be implemented to be able to come back into the game if wanted by the player.

Nah, not when you have an outright busted civ. In current broken game state when you see the opposing team is 3 Chinas, then the outcome of the game is a forgone (and frustrating) conclusion for the other team. You know you are about to get cheesed badly. If there is no designed function for people to decline such a match, then people have every right to drop to avoid it.

Noone has an obligation or even a moral duty to waste 40mins of their life so that you and your buddies all playing China can steamroll them with fire lancers and bombards.

I was wondering if it would be technically challenging to allow people to rejoin back but if other rts have the feature, I’d love to see it in aoe as I do crash out every now and again.

I do think you have to try and deal with going against unbalanced civs, with updates all the time there will always be advantages with some civs. I don’t think people should quit instantly though, civs aren’t an indication of how good the player is still. I’m probably in the mid skill level, but often beat Chinese as I think the player isn’t as good as micro management of units and villager counts. Hopefully when ranked comes out there is much more thought behind this question.

More challenging to do than not to do.

In general, it’s more technically challenging to do game, than not to do.

The fix for it is on the Devs, like most else, so we can see Civs before the game starts or so we can play against more balanced Civs that don’t promote unwanted behavior.

Agree, a fix is needed. I honestly like the blind civ choices, so the fix I am hoping to see (and for so many other reasons than just this) is frequent high quality balance patches, so that there is not 1 or 2 civs which noone wants to play against.

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