What are the best laming and best anti-laming civs in your opinion?

If you were to lame the sheep and boars of the opponent, which civ you rather choose?

If you know your opponent has lamed you, which civ has the potential to save you?

My choices: best laming ones Mongols and Mayans (I haven’t seen Incas and Aztecs laming much, Probably because they have a faster rush than Mayan Archers)

Best anti laming one is Lithuanians because of the extra starting food which will definitely help. Mongols and Japanese also are close because they can gather from the deer more easily.


vietnam is the lamest


Map dependent… Goths always come to mind, get the quick loom and kill the enemy boars (although in this case I dont actually eat them, just shoot them to kill)


I just resign, 99% of the time


Just hunt deer. Any of the three methods work - pushing by scout, milling, long distance hunting

I see this happen quite often at a lower elo friend of mine. Some map designs are absolutely unplayable and bad for lower elo – although laming is only part of that problem

Agree. Best lamers even if you lack the skill to lame boars. Just move your scout a bit far around enemy TC at the start of the match. With some luck, you can steal the 4 extra sheep before the enemy scout detects them (usually scout runs around TC to detect boars, no sheep).

In team games, if you are allied with mongols, vietnames benefits from the extra scoult LOS and can share the enemy position to their mongol ally… lame party!

if they are also allied with portuguese, the full team would share LOS in dark age, knowing where are the enemy and would have better scouts for laming.

I’m not at low elo, I’m between 1500 and 1600, I call the lamer noob and resign, queue up again and if I find that guy again I resign instantly.

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Now that is lame
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For laming, one of the meso civs (eagles make the execution easier and less tedious, also the wider scouting radius makes it easier to find a boar in a general area you’ve scouted if you happen to guess right) or the Vietnamese/Mongols (knowing what area to try by default / same shtick as meso with better scouting vision).

For being lamed, any civ with a strong eco bonus for wood, or the Tatars (though you’d really like to have your sheep, so if those get spotted that’s rough). Probably in order of wood bonuses that are best specifically in the lame situation, Japanese, Teutons, Celts, or Malians all do well with affording an extra farm or two early.

Relatively useful in general is the Chinese bonus of just having more villagers means they generally get to taking the boar a bit earlier which helps, combined with the extra LOS on the TC meaning your initial ring of scouting is wider. They have a good eco when a lame occurs and a set of bonuses that helps a lot to stop it.

What means “lame” in this context? Steal?

usually players mean “use your scout to lure an enemy’s starting boar to your TC” but lame can be a variety of things… walling up resources, snagging and/or killing sheep, killing deer, etc.

laming boars is what generally gets the term recognition with the odd pair of sheep snagged with it in some cases. That appears to be what the OP is asking about, so in this context, that.

same, i resign 100% of the time, and afaik the 4 or 5 times i have actually boar lamed, to prove how easy it is too do i have won 100% of the time, either through a resign or feudal kill

no. because by that logic the same players should just eat deer in almost every game, while guarding with their own scout… many times its simply not feasible(behind trees,too far), too risky (your opponent has more food they can scrush sooner even if they are half a scout down) too expensive (non jap)

same, had it happen twice, i resigned, queued lamer was there, i alt f4 while loading, back in the game before he is done loading…

what the others said, but also sicilians, its by far the physically least risky to lame with them


This is actually a terrible way to prevent laming. Those noobs will simply continue laming and earning points for nothing, and as such will inherently have the opposite effect, so instead of laming less, they will lame more for easy points. The best way is to play until you die - give it your best and if you win, say “lol ez, i can win without pig and you can’t with extra pig, pathetic” or just palisade in the corners and evade death as long as possible. This is extremely annoying behavior and i never do that unless i get lamed, because lamers deserve that;).

imagine everyone resigned the moment someone lamed…

you would end up with 2 sets of people, those that want to play a game, so they will stop laming immediately because otherwise they will never have a match

and those that simply want elo… they will sky rocket in elo until they face the pros and they will be insta gibbed.

the majority of the player base will play without laming imo… since i really dont think the majority of the player base is simply playing for elo, they might want to WAAC,but theres a difference between WAAC and just queuing up constantly for free elo…

an example of this is the relic bug and wall abuse. people stopped playing lith because everyone would simply resign if the opponent played lith… but its free elo you say? but people want to play more than they want free elo

this definitely also will work, but is more time consuming, i do this to all persian douches. because they are simply trying for elo hunting, and walling is worse punishment than free elo if i were to resign

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Precisely, most players will simply play like nothing happened, some will resign (like you)…and the real guys just play on until defeated as a “payback” for laming…Imagine every single player doing that, and noone will ever lame again.

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but why would i (someone who wants to play) stop laming if my opponent fights back and gives me a game? ill carry on laming, because i get the win (most likely) and i get a match

whereas if my opponent resigns the moment i lame, im getting null games, thats not very fun

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depends on the person, i would be much more tilted playing against someone who doesn’t realize it’s been GG after 2x or 4-5k score difference compared to someone who is laming;) If you have to play 30 more minutes just because you have to destroy everything and the opponent just evades death is indeed very annoying, whereas after the opponent resigns, you can get a new game within minutes, plus you earn some points;)

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Best Anti-laming or lets say the civs that will not get any damage if someone lamed them, in my opinion we have:

1-Lithuanians (start with +150 food) so it is fine even if you lost a boar.
2-Aztecs (with their +3 gathering they can catch ez)
3-Tatars (their sheeps have +50%) so they will be more than fine.
4-Persians (+50food, +50wood)
5-Mongols (and they are good for laming too)
6-Chinese (start with 6 vills)
7-Mayans (have tons of eco bonuses)

In general, any civ that have eco bonus on food will be good

Actually the pros say they are the worst effected by laming. Thy start with 0 food in the bank so you have to be extra cautious of your food sources in dark age.