What Are The Chances The New Mode Is A Grand Campaign?

would make a lot of sense with the new civ. and would giving the people what they ask for as well as being awesome and inline with the original vision of the game.


I would like to see a Campaign like the RoN had (A MS game too), but I dont think devs are talking about this kind of modes. It would be probably a bit change on gameplay as King of the Hill or Regicide are.

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Well, one of the new modes is co op historical battles, so they are aware we want more of that type of content


I would love something like this. A risk style map where you can choose which region to attack, and maybe a system where you unlock cards and other things as you progress. There’s so many opportunities here.


Please no,If you mean a Dawn of War style. Mostly 90% time is a regular skirmish without too much change, unless you fight to conquer a Stronghold.

I would prefer scripted scenarios, they are more dynamic instead of investing time to coding a Grand Campaign.

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I’d prefer a typical campaign such as scripted scenarios. I’m not big on Risk-style or any other mechanics that include too much RNG.

But it’s unlikely to be a campaign. Hopefully not Battle Royale either…