What are the posibilities of increasing player limit to 12?

Age Of Mythology has 12 player capacity, and that game is older than this version of AOE2DE, imagine how cool i’d be to play with 12 players on big luducruis maps like these

What exactly is stopping the devs from doing it?


To be honest AoM will never have as many units on the field as the maxed (500) AoE2, I believe not even compared to the regular (200) AoE2 game.
I don’t think the engine in the current state can support it, I see stutters and lag in regular (200) 4v4 games.


While that is true I would really enjoy if there were more spaces in the lobby for when you are more then 8 people who want to play together.

This could be achieved without introducing more players/colors in-game by letting the additional players take the same color (so 2 people control one Player in-game , which is already possible) or the additional player controls Gaya. Or the additional player could choose to be a spectator and don’t play but still chat with people…

I think all those options could be easily implemented and would let a group of nine, ten or 11 players enjoy the game together.
(Not really in a competitive sense but in a fun one…)


Spec chat is a function that is really missing at DE, while it was present at Voobly.

Having more players seems to be limited by the engine.

And if we will add more players, it will become a lag fest. Some 4v4 will already become a lag fest in late imp.


they just put an old stuff into a new package,
I would like to see a real remake or looking forward on AOE4.
this AOE2 improved a lot, but having a lot of flaws and not even a sincere game in 2021

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Sounds like a fun idea for Co-op challenges. I.e. 8 total players, but some players can be controlled by more people.

Yes indeed it does sound fun

While it sounds fun in practice, can you be sure you could run it on luducruis, all 12 players, with 500 pop? I know I wouldn’t, the engine is just too outdated for it