What are the reasons you don't like a specific map?

Different maps will the certainly result in different game experience, but I am personally ok with the full map pool, and would not dodge a map. Since there are a lot of people who dodge maps, even with the new penalty system (or go around it by surrendering asap, when the game loaded… :roll_eyes: ), I am genuinely interested why you don’t like specific maps?

I don’t say, you have to like them, and veto would make all of our lifes better… I would just like to understand what appears to be common sense for the player base (around ELO 1000).

Someone wrote on the forum, he would never play High View… I am still thinking hard, why is that, since that’s in my mind one of the better/fun maps… but apparently a lot of you disagree. So without being rude, or too negative (since I think devs trying their best to satisfy all the players), maybe you could mention what maps you dislike and why, so next time I am less annoyed when someone dodges the game :slight_smile:

I am mostly interested in the larger (3v3) map size variants, since that’s what I play most and most commonly where one of the other 5 quits.

I only care to skip Hill & Dale because it’s too big and occasionally Mountain Pass if my team wants to camp out for an hour.


Because of the reach of ships.

But i like the river maps. You can keep control with springalds.

Arabia, too open. I’m more for Black Forest, Island maps and some sort of mountain or river for a natural wall

I don’t like the black forest and the island map. The black forest is easy to defend, so it can easily become a confrontation situation in the late stage. There are almost no fighting opportunities in the early stage; I don’t like the island because the current game’s naval battle system is not perfect, as long as you lose a game There’s almost no chance of a reversal. Now that both maps have been removed from the game pairing, I’m happy because the current map pairing is good.

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I dislike most water maps, partially because idk how to play them (when do I put that Dock down?), and the combat on water maps seems extremely one dimensional.

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There’s rarely more combat than a few early battles to decide who wins the game and who should definitely quit before too long.