What are you most excited for in AoEIV?

I’m personally excited to see what Relic entertainment can do with the series given Ensemble dissolved in the early 2000s. Relic’s Dawn of War and Company of Heroes installments have both been some of the best additions to RTS in recent years.

What I am most excited to see, is the Relic Entertainment physics engine being applied to Age of Empires universe. One of the things I enjoyed most in CoH was getting a direct artillery strike on a group of infantry and watching them go flying. I can’t wait to see what kind of situations apply to AoE IV with that engine in place.

What are you guys most excited to see?


Proper Multithreading support so you have have very large battles without CPU performance issues.
Multi GPU support like what Ashes Of The Singularity implemented could also be a game changer.
Would love to see multi monitor support as well (2 or even 3 monitors supported).
Would also be cool if they work with microsoft and add a neural network AI to the game.


Multi GPU is dead.
AMDs new cards don’t support crossfire anymore and Nvidia only supports SLI for the RTX 3090.

We can only dream. Supreme Commander is the only game I know of that supports that.

This is a must though but I’m optimistic, they already said that they can optimize AoE4 more than AoE1-3DE because of the modern Engine that utilizes modern hardware.


I was actually referring to explicit multi-GPU AFR and not SLI or Crossfire. I should have been more clear.

Read more about it here.

Oh nice, but it seems like no other game is doing that.

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I am hoping for battles on walls, and strategic thought to sieges, and not just APM but actual strategy and planning in attacks.

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Civs being distinct from each other in more than just tech tree and appearance. xD

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After seeing the civ Specs i am Most excited to See how different I can Play WITHIN one Nation. Can i Focus mobile archers with Englisch? Can i Focus castles? Knights maybe? That will BE Most fun and certainly Part of the Game :smiley:

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The new campaings and civs … I want to listen the soundtrack as well … man I cant believe its just happening … Age IV … finally …fu****** finally


an AOE2-like experience, but with better graphics, more epic battles (larger scale), and more civs.

THAT would stand on the top of the list for me!

Age 2 DE supports multi monitors!! I play on both of my monitors whenever I feel like it, althought let me tell you that the division between them feels uncomfortable. When a unit walks from one monitor to the other there’s a moment you don’t see it and that feels strange.

There’s a setting to allow that, I forgot what it is.



“nice town, I’ll take it”

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I am excited that just like every Age game, it will have a lot of new ideas but will keep true to AOE core gameplay mechanics. I think Relic is the only studio (along with Forgotten Empires) that can pull this off nicely.


I’m more so hoping that they take the civilization renaming trigger, the ability to be a certain civ with different architecture from AOE2DE.

i really want to see new gameplay mechanics. and the new generation of AOE.

it can be the start of a new generation of AOE. i’m really intrested in everythings in AOE

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