What are your hopes for the 2 year anniversary?

Mine are:

More Biomes and variety in Gaia: I am hoping that one day we will reach a variety in Gaia similar to the one in AoE3 (https://ageofempires.fandom.com/wiki/Animal#Age_of_Empires_III). But for now, even adding just one or two Gaia units per Gaia type would make the game more immersive for me.

Building and unit behavior

  • Adding subselected units to a control group should only add these units

  • Building foundations and buildings should be seperated when doule clicking on either one of them

  • Connect wall with allies

  • No „formation“ formation: Selected units will move to the tasked position while ignoring the current formation.

  • Unit stances: Aggressive, Defensive, Stand Ground and No Attack. Ability to set the default unit stance based on the unit type.

  • Units should leave buildings towards the gather point


  • Ethiopians

  • Portuguese


  • 10 more control groups

  • Option to remove scout from military related hotkeys

  • Option to split Focus on last attack notification into Focus on last attack notification and Focus on last notification

  • Select all military units on screen, select idle military units on screen

  • Selection modifier keys: Hold a modifier key while drag selecting to determine whether you select economy or military units.

  • Set own camera rotate hotkey.

  • Set own delete hotkey, add a instantly delete all selected units hotkey


  • Bayou, Congo Basin, Florida, Horn, ##### River, Siberia, Tripolitania (AoE3). Land Nomad, Nomad (AoE2).


  • Ability to set the gather point of a unit inside the buidling it is being produced from.

  • Reset gather point of building(s): This should be done by selecting the building(s) and hitting the set gather point key twice.


  • Attack notification mute settings

  • Option to determine camera behavior based on using a select all or cycle through hotkey.


  • Global queue: Seperate unit icons when queued from seperate building.

  • Production progress bar for units.


  • More unique starting scouts to eventually each civilization receiving one.

Most players still waiting for more gaia.
It is just Relic being too slow.


Please more Civs…That would be nice


Guys, please stop asking for new civs since the current ones are almost the same I beg you.
Instead ask to push the design of this civilizations more so everyone of them to be unique and play different.
You don’t want another copy - paste civ with different skins and little tweaks.


don’t care.

More civs.


The idea would be to include maps related to the civs that are going to be included in the game…Bayou and Florida are more for civs like Spanish, Haudenosaunee or Aztecs…

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I would prefer the Byzantines to the Portuguese to be able to add the Ottoman Campaign.

Alternatively, I’d prefer two African civs: Ethiopians & Moroccans.

By the way, it still lacks a lot of absolutely basic civs like Vikings (or Scandinavians or Kalmar Union), Persians, Japaneese and some civ from the Italy area (like Republic of Venice, Kingdom of the Lombards / or Italy (part of HRE) or Kingdom of Sicily).

  1. I wish for units not attacking buildings anymore, when enemy units are in range.
    Especially regarding the attackmove.
    Units should AWALYS auto-prioritize enemy units.

  2. Weaken early boom/turtle, encourage aggressive feudal play.

  3. Bring in snare!!!
    A melee attack should snare the enemy unit for a brief moment, so pikes can catch cavalry and cavalry can catch archers or siege weapons and NATURAL counters are more effective.
    This would bring a new depths of micro, which is, for now, lacking most in this game

  4. Don’t show player-names and ranks in ranked lobby
    Make the chat in ranked lobby only TEAM-BASED. So you and your (random) mates can discuss strategies/civs before the match starts. For example for 60 seconds.
    Optionally create a button for “I’m ready and dont need strategy discussion time”. If all players in lobby select it, countdown is only 5 seconds until match loads.

  5. More transparency towards the playerbase.
    Please keep us on track about what changes you want to bring in the near future and what things are planned.
    Wether or not, these ideas and plans will make it into finalization.

  6. Every civ should have heavy cav in age2
    Evrey civ should have a FAST MOVING counter for cav in age3, ideally a costly fragile ranged unit with quick attack animation, which again is receiving bonus damage from archers.

  7. aoe dmg for cannons and bombards

  8. culverines and bombards/cannons in age4 for all civs

  9. % based resistance system, instead of flat armor-damage system
    For example Man at arms = 30% melee resist, 30% ranged resist
    With one upgrade from black smith → 35% melee resist, 35% ranged resist
    Archers should have a mild ranged resist of for example 10% and 0% melee resist by default.

This way, man at arms and knights would still be super effective tanks, while rushing for high armor maa (hello burgrave) wouldn’t be a KNOCKOUT for players who can’t make it to age3 for crossbows or knights.

  1. Lower TC damage in early game

  2. Increase villager train time and increase the cost
    Increase villager train time in TCs, which are not capital TC.
    For example capital tc traintime 30 seconds, every additional TC → 40 seconds

  3. Lock building additional TCs until Castle age.

  4. Increase the torch damage vs buildings for high cost military units on top of the age.
    For example: early knights in age2 should have more siege damage than a cheap musofadi warrior or man at arms. It costs 240 ressources after all.
    Feudal age siege damage against buildings should generally be buffed.
    Game favors the defender too much for now.
    At the same time lower the upgrade time for fortifying outposts in order to be able to dynamically react to a push, after spotting it through scouting.
    The game should have a good mix between quick decision making and “longterm” strategic planning.
    Right now it’s mostly a boomfest.
    There are (except for tower rush) practically no rushes. Just boom or timed push.

  5. more aesthetic movement/animation of units and better pathing.
    No more units gliding/floating to the side like water

  6. building scan bug fix

  7. reconnect feature

  8. fix wall placement
    Currently multiple things are bugging the wall placing, which are basically invisible to the player
    very counter-intuitive and frustrating

  9. remove golden ghosts for buildings and siege weapons.
    Replace them with proper and modern (2021) animations
    give siege weapons siege crews like it’s wonderfully done in aoe3
    Esp springalds are a problem, it’s hard to spot them in many teamfights due to their appearance and no crew

  10. let us connect walls with allies


More Single Player, Campaigns, Co-op and Casual content.

Custom Campaigns section.

A meaningful update to the Content Editor (mind you, still in Beta).


The game is free of gamebreaking bugs

A good map pool, community made maps in ranked.

That’s it.


You forgot civs I think

Please no more civs.
Fix the points from the first posts first.
Then think about civs.

Please more Civ, more Campaigns, and more unique units to the HRE, wich only have 2, also their Town Center Landmark of 4rth age is not as Cool as other Civ landmarks (Is only a TC with cheaper villagers), and don´t compensate for their lack of more unique units or strategies.


1.- Variation for hunting animals

2.- New biomes

3.- New sound tracks

4.- Civs.
2 new Civs a year is perfect so that the devs can work on balancing and add quality of life updates

5.- Campaigns to bring immersion to each civ


The civs should not need campaigns to be immersive. Unique unit portraits, units, buildings, techs, and gameplay mechanics (in addition to unique music and vocals) should already make me know I’m stepping into India, China, Mali, or France.

Civ design is an art. We should be debating which of our games captured a civ best. Switching to a different civ should feel like stepping out of a time machine.


What about MAA types?
HRE has 4 UU!
Not 2!!!

Well said!
This is exactly how it should be.

But, more campaigns are also fine.
Everyone wins with all improvements and additions.


The HRE only has the Prelate and the Landsknecht… a slightly stronger MAA does not make it an UU…

The HRE is missing 3 UU and the English and French 1 UU each and 2 UU for the Abbasids, but it is not so necessary now, because they received the Ghulam in this season… so in the next season they would have to focus on Western Europe…

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while i think on their own every single point is legit and should be looked into by relic, i’m ultimately (specifically on tc suggestions) noticing the same problem that relic themselves have with development, when smt isn’t in the right place, instead of carefully adjusting the parameter in question, they rework the entire system around it without solving the actual problem more often than not, even made its way to game balancing

It is not just slightly strong, but also its apperance and weapon changes due to upgrade.
Therefore, it is a UU…