What are your opinions on the Campaigns so far?

From what I’ve seen from the Norman Campaign, they feel way too casual even in Hard difficulty.

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It’s easier than the others and more instructional. Like the William Wallace campaign in AOE2. The others should feel different.

The campain feal too linear, short and monotone, like if we took the life from it. :sweat_smile:

But it is fun playing it, i can’t deny it. :wink:

I only wish there was more content, because it will not take long to pass the game.


But WW was supposed to be the tutorial in AoE2. AoE4 already has a tutorial, why does it need a tutorial campaign as well? It feels like this should’ve been comparable in difficulty to Joan of Arc’s campaign in AoE2, but it feels too simple for that.


many people simply dont want to play tutorial so devs decided to give tutorial through campaign… but i am very much enjoying it


I actually lost in the first Norman campaign.

The documentary approach is not so bad.

I want to reveal the map after winning as in AoE2.

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So far the Norman Campaign does feel a bit too easy on Hard. I like the format though I think it is interesting. I don’t know that I like it better than the way AoE 2 did it though.

I do have one gripe with the first two missions of the campaign though, and that is that it moved around the locations of buildings on the hotkey grid. Why even do that? Ha especially because the Norman campaign is a bit of a learning one.

Sorry, but I disagree. Absolutely despised the narration over the gameplay.


I really liked it till now. It feels like a documentary and also good narrated. The videos are well made and the info is pretty accessible with a very low text amount. Also how is everything linked together is well made. Overall, I think it’s pretty good for what it wants to be. And I also honestly doubt they had have made a good campaign in the style of AoE3, as I don’t see this working with that presentation.

That visuals, though. I’ve maxed everything but physics and still can’t even remotely understand why people like it. It’s annoying the heck out of me and I just can’t get over that immersion blocker. Therefore I probably drop it for a while after Normans and check again when mods are here hopefully addressing this. Afaik are first-party games forever in the GP, so it should be fine.


The norman campaign on hard so far has been pretty easy… until Wallingford O.O

Still getting used to the historian omniscient voice approach. Im at the Norman campaigns and it started quite boring, but it’s beginning to pick up the pace. I really enjoy the video documentaries though.

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I just completed the Normal campaign on Intermediate and it was enjoyable; it was chill while still almost getting me a couple times.

I actually enjoy the narration and found all the educational videos to be entertaining.

I’m looking forward to the other campaigns a bit more since I expected this one to be the easiest (essentially the intro one) as well as being based around the civs that seem the most similar to previous games in terms of their mechanics.

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The same voice all the time killing me I stopped after 3 missions. Is the English version better ?

Right now I’m three quarters through the Norman campaign, it’s supposed to be an extended tutorial so I can forgive it being small scale and simple. I hope the HYW, Mongols and Moscow campaigns are more expansive.

Two things though about the Norman campaign :

  • why is the player colour blue ? In some scenarios you play as the blue English against the red French, and it’s obviously not anglo-saxon Mercia against the Carolingian Empire. Whyyyy ?
  • it completely skips Richard the Lionheart, him going to the crusades would bring some welcome variety instead of always fighting for the throne of England.

Ok, I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt til Wallingford.

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Wallingford is very hard.

The campaign are good, but I thought Relic will implement a campaign map or something to create link between each mission. I prefer when a campaign focus on small time period than several decade. And the honestly i feel they could put more effort in the heroes. They look like identical whatever the time period or the nation (ok french but feathers on their helmet).