What campaigns do you think we'll see?

Now that we know AoE IV is going to explore the AoE II era (Dark Ages > Renaissance) which campaigns do you think Relic will design?

I certainly hope we don’t see redesigns of existing campaigns; e.g. Joan of Arc, Saladin.

My guess is that we’ll see historical campaigns rather than the AoE III/AoM fictional narrative-driven campaign. However, Relic have made some pretty good campaigns in the past which are similar to those, and in particular their original CoH campaign (a Band of Brothers-style narrative) was excellent and still (rightly) considered one of the all-time great RTS campaigns.

Another alternative could be an ahistorical type of “what if?” scenario in which we see different civs teaming up to tackle a common foe - for example, several European civs (English, Franks, Teutons) teaming up to lead a crusade against the Mongols.

There are plenty of possibilities - what do you think we’ll see?

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War of the Roses.
I made a topic about this a while ago, but couldn’t say too much at that time.

Now that they finally revealed the medieval timeline they were working on, I’m still restricted to say why I’m pretty sure it’s going to be in the game, but at least people will see why it makes sense now.
So, yeah, basically the English fighting themselves in the campaign with some French involvement.

I don’t know, but I would like to see the Italian Wars, the Genpei War and the Second War of Castilian Succession

I would like to see:

  • Invasion and Conquest by the Mughal Empire in India.

  • Wars between Burmese vs. Thai (including the battle between the two kings, who fought to the death using their own battle elephants)

Illustrative images below:

Mughal Invasion:

Thai vs Burma (king vs king):