What can be done to salvage AoE4?

Es que colega, vamos a ver 60 dólares por un juego incompleto en su salida y a su comparativa esta el aoe 2 y 3 que los 2 valen unos 20 dólares (cada uno) no hay donde perderse. y se que me dirás “ah pero esos son juegos viejos no hay comparación” No! claro que la hay fue un error de marketing hacer eso ya que esas versiones definitivas (sobre todo el 3) vienen con cosas actualizadas para acoplarse al gameplay moderno, incluso con contenido nuevo a un menor precio! aoe 4 no puede competir con eso en steam debido a que le falta mucho para ser “rentable” a nivel de contenido.

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If the Definitive Editions are better value for money for you, I completely respect that.

I’m comparing Age IV to other modern new releases. I’m not counting remasters and the like, because they build on a game that already exists. It’s simply not the same process as making a game from scratch. It’s not the same kind of product.

Good for consumers though, giving them that choice.

hire me as the core designer, => more differentials for each civs.
take my advice to balance the game, => game can be balanced in competive way
do both the game could be competivly balanced for pro players, also fun to play for casuals.

and give this a game a long life, keep supporting it, new updates, new expension but not too often, world wide tournaments, not only lock down with couple pros.

the most important part is “me”.

no, I think you’re way over your head for even suggesting this. if you are unable to see the greed of MS then I have nothing to say to you.

I have seen how stubborn you are and proceeds to attack others so I will leave the discussion here, please dont waste my time by replying.

some people just wish to defend the game and claiming to be constructive/positive. I think anything you need should have a limit and they have definitely crossed that. makes me think if they’re shilling for the game or for MS.


This seems very reasonable and doesn’t at all read like a personal attack. Which is pretty ironic.


Here’s Age of Empires IV at £49.99 on Steam:

And here’s a list of somewhat recent releases starting at £54.99 (this isn’t even all of them). Ignoring bundles, remasters, etc, you can still see a bunch of well-known titles here:

If you want people to see your point of view, you need to be a bit more convincing than you are being.

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more workers in the game


Always a good sign. Certainly better than the reverse.

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As long as it doesn’t interfere with support for the DE’s.

Available for FE, not for Relic

And where is the art designer/director ? :smile:

Finally, age of mythology DE confirmed !

Of course, I also loved the documentaries, it is the best thing that AoE 4 has…although it sins a little of becoming a game of “History Channel” xd…

Yes, I have in the meantime reinstalled CoH2 to pass the Ardennes campaign to prepare for CoH 3…

Or until the maps were more varied in biomes and fauna…

You don’t need to, you can compared it to COH 1 from 2006 it will destroy age IV art/graphics :slight_smile:

Relic was never the sole developer on this game. That’s why World’s Edge was also on board. FE’s another resource.

The lesson here is they’re investing, and not the reverse.

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The season two survey was just a way for them to get info on you. if you said you don’t want your answers to be used outside of AOE4 they don’t even bother giving you the survey. This survey is being done just to collect gamer information. If they actually cared about the answers they would still let you do the survey even if you didn’t want your info shared with other Microsoft entities. Shows just how honest they are.


It let me do the survey though without giving that info…

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I hope it stays constant, at least around 14 thousand

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For me I grew up isolated without things like the internet so i spent so much time of my life on scenario editor, enjoying it from the early naughties, up until AoEIV was released so I have credentials as a fan. On AoE, AoE2 and AoM. I speak for all the people out there who probably can’t, as well as for myself that I would like to see a scenario editor. I don’t care about playing with or against others, its not fun for me and you wont make it fun for me. I find scenario editor fun, if you want me to carry on playing this game then that is the only way, except new civs but I don’t think I’ll see them in my lifetime.

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