What can Lithuanians do against massed Halberdiers?

I was playing as the lithuanians and fighting against goths. I was absolutely flooded with halberdiers and I’m not sure what a good response would have been. Lithuanians have bad infantry, archers and siege.

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Lithuanians have Arbalests, so no bad Archers. Go for Skirmisher + Paladin.

Lithuanian Super-Skirms slaughter all Goths Infantry that is not Huskarls, and the Paladins (or Leitis for bonus points) destroy Huskarls.

Lith skirms are only 10% faster than other skirms. No other advantage vs melee units.


Lithuanians do not have arbalests.


Well, they have Hand Cannoneer. Hand Cannoneers do extremely well vs Halberdiers and ok Vs Huskarle…

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One of the purposes of the champion is to kill trash. Even without supplies and armour they still cost effectively counter goth halbs. Then leitis cost effectively counter everything else. But its not easy. You’re gonna have to juggle

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Lithuanians skirms (for enemy halbs) and HC (for all goth infantry, huskarls included) should be able to counter any goth infantry, you can mix in hussars and letis also as a meatshield.

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No, but Goths Halbs lack 2 Pierce Armour, so they go down fast to Skirms. Even Turks Skirms can kill Goths Champions and Halberdiers, effectively.

It is only the Huskarls that can give them trouble.

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Yes, Champions are always the go to options Vs Goth. They beat pikes and Huskarls. If you back them up with a few Cannoneers in the backline you have the advantage

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Imo lith have minor aging bonus so will be even harder than other civs to mass the necessary number of HC to be effective vs goths. Too few and they’re useless.

I just checked, and honestly, I though they did.

They can do their job if you have spare gold and ranges (that you have for skirms) and you mix them with skirms and hussars/letis.

Yeah for sure. But while you’re teching chemistry and then massing em, goths are in your base already…

You said super skirms. And i was pointing out in this case they aren’t super skirms.

If anything an aztec would be a super skirm

And even then a goth can just throw ina few huskarls to act similarly to rams and tank the super slow rof hits from skirms


Yes, but considering that you would however research chemistry for the skirms, you can start with ES and then add some HC.

That’s why you need HC, to anticipate you enemy transition.

They still are Super Skirms, being faster does help, aswell as the +2 Pierce Armour, so Goths do not try to be cheeky, and try to counter your Super Skirms with their own Skirms.

Wrong again.
A normal skirm already has 8 pierce armour with the last armor upgrade. Since bonus damage doesnt care about armor a Lith Skirm takes the same damage than any other skirmisher.
So Lith skirm vs Goth skirm is exactly the same.

Edit: To the OP: Depends a lot on how the game is going tbh, in theory HC or Champs + Hussar/Leitis. But can be quite tough.


You’d probably go with heavy cav and skirm for starters. If the halb numbers get critically high and you can’t kill them faster than they are produced your last option is hc. If that doesn’t work, you’re dead I guess.

they dont have arbs.

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Lith xbows are still a fine option against halbs, they just lack 1 damage compared to arbs offensively


Provided they can actually hit.