What cheats do you wish for AOE4?

Hi :slight_smile:

As the titles says - what cheats do you wish for AOE4?

Some cheats I wish for AOE4:

  1. Reveal Map
  2. WOOF WOOF (flying dogs)
  3. Cobra Car

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Delhi elephant with fez & animation cancel.

I think the animation cancel cheat already exists :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The resources cheats and a cheat to reveal the map should also be implemented.

Besides I think the devs should orientate on some of the most used cheats in the other AOE games and add some new cheats.

Gas! gas! gas! ā€” All unit movement speed increased by 30%.

Iā€™m drawing a blank ā€” Locks all upgrades.

Legion - Spawns Legion unit from AoE at LM TC with 180 HP & 40 Attack.

Moonwalk ā€” Map time changes to night.

Got milk? ā€” Relics turn into milk cartons with Ensemble Studios logo as the missing person. :face_holding_back_tears: (example: il_fullxfull.934416785_sbj4.jpg (720Ɨ960) (etsystatic.com))

Jumbo Dumbo - converts all villagers into elephants

Like charges attract - cavalry units always do charged damage

Sheep in wolves clothing - converts all wolves to sheep

Killing a deer - gain control of all deer on the map