What civ again?

During skirmish, when any building or unit is selected (my own included) there is nothing on-screen that tells me if that unit or building is English or Chinese etc. There should be an easy way of seeing what civilisation players are. Post-game as well, there is only the ‘overview’ that gives any info on the civilisations.

There should also be better in-game info available on the civilsation (it’s most powerful unit etc). I relied on this from previous AOE versions, as it helps guide my strategy.

And we need the GAURD feature!! I dont use many of those unit stances (sand ground etc) but give me Guard so I can protect canons or vulnerable units.

At present I’m considering coming back in a year or so once this game is actually properly developed. It feels half finished.

You mean like the flag that appears next to the unit/building’s icon, name & role?
youre a leaf lover

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