What civ ages up the fastest and why?

Just curios what you guys use and think and what helps you age up quicker

mongols with hunt bonus

the literal answer is Malay…they age up 60% faster, but I assume you mean which civ reaches higher ages the fastest. That will depend on the map and which age you are trying to reach

Mongols with hunt can be really fast
or Khmer since they dont need to make buildings


Ethiopians up castle is quite fast since it don’t need to mine gold
Khmer is definately the fastest for feudal and castle age
for fast imp it would be turky

@SpiritOfTheLaw1 make video on this please.

I don’t think so, they have no gather bonuses. Turks only have a good imp because they can actually do something with it ie. instantly produce hand cannons. The +20% faster gold mining is nice, but I don’t think it can beat the other civs
I think Mongols with loads of boars/hunt or Khmer should still have faster imp time

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Yes you are right. The fast imp should be Italians. For map have three boar definitely Mongols

Mongols and Lithuanians