What civilizations should be added and why age shouldn't get native americans

Here are some civs what IMO should be added

  1. What are my conditions to adding new civs
    a) Must have a moment when it’s a true “empire” in their region in technology/trade/economic/military aspect
    b) Must have at one moment access to sea(age of empires has naval battles if you didn’t know)
    c) Must be from africa, asia or europe ,because it’s part of “old world”
    d) Must have some militar strenght
    e) Must exist on 90% of age of empires main history timeline (1000-1500)
    f) Can’t build houses from dirt when in europe are builded palaces

  2. Why europe shouldn’t get native americans
    a) We don’t know too much about them
    B) They was beaten by some poor spain knights
    c) They was really weak in combat(no trebuchets, gunpowder, cavalry and steel)
    d) They hasn’t got communication with “old world” and were discovered in end of age of empires history
    f) They didn’t have blacksmiths, universities and keeps

Some civs:

Free update- Denmark

1 DLC Heirs of roman - Eastern Roman Empire
2 DLC Hoe and Hussars - Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
3 DLC Islamic Emperors - Ottoman Empire
4 DLC Renessaince Kings - Spain
5 DLC Lords of Cherry - Japan

Free - Korea
1 DLC Scandinavian Warriors - Sweden
2 DLC New Rome - Italia/Venezia
3 DLC Dukes of India - Other indian civ
4 DLC Explorers of New World - Portugal