What did you do?

I was a beta tester. over the course of the beta a whole bunch of quality of life improvements were suggested. I just played a match in the release copy and cross referenced it with everything i could remember being talked about on the beta forums:

  • chinese official still counts as an idle villager
  • chinese dynasty ui element still too close to center of screen
  • hover over on dropdowns still broken (biomes)
  • still cannot shift click complex orders such as grab the deer and then drop it off (i assume you cant shift click grab then deposit a relic still either)
  • still cannot map controls to mouse buttons
  • no new hotkey commands that people were asking for (select all TC or select all barracks for example)
  • still cannot rebuild a wall turret if a tower is too close
  • farmers still dont peel off when building a group of farms
  • still no global build queue
  • right click with villagers on objects near other objects still iffy but maybe better
  • wall turrets in FoW fixed

What did the devs even do between beta and release? and for that matter what was that mongol fix, really? The most disappointing thing about this game isn’t even that the beta testers got ignored and so it came out without the quality of its predecessors, its that it fractured the community around a truly great game (2DE) and everyone is just fighting now; myself included apparently.