What do Vikings do agianst Mass Siege

Viking are a solid civs do to their amazing economy and few people complain about them being underpowered but what do they do against Mass Siege from a civ like Celts or Ethiopians. There calvary is terrible and they lack Redemption and Bombards so what can they do?

Finishing game before enemy mass sieges.


So just resign if your opponent has onager?

Do your own onager. If you are facing SO, tho, it becomes tough

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Well it depends on the map and game mode.

Usually mass siege is not really viable. Just kill them whereever there siege ball is not. Your imp timing should be much better, and you got strong infantry and your own decent siege.

Ofc if you let your opponent boom up to 20+ SOs you cant do much anymore.


Push from two different sides. Siege is slow and needs some protection. This means the celt or Ethiopian player has to move their siege to defend. You can take advantage of that. But in general, if you’re Vikings and the celt or Ethiopian player reached a point where they did siege upgrades with their UT, you’ve mostly made a mistake and were losing.


Siege Engineer Onagers. That’s about it I think.

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On open map you don’t really get to the point of massing siege. If you play black forest, just dont pick vikings. There are many other civs that can’t deal with mass siege, like Chinese, Tatars, Cumans, Magyars, Khmer, etc…


Generally good advice against Death-ball strategy and probably the best you can give to Viking but in terms of mobility the best you have is Bezerkers I know monks are not part of thir identity but I think Redemption is practically required.

Vikings have great eco and you can absolutely kill the other player before Mass Siege even becomes a thing.

Don’t pick Vikings on BF if that’s the map in question, on more open maps Mass Siege generally isn’t viable anyway (and you can still just split your army to clear the Siege if it’s very open).

All of these Civs have decent to great Calvary. Chinese are only lacking Hussar and Paladins, Khmer, Tatars, Cumans, and Magyars all have FU Hussar with bonuses and Magyars Hussar have bonus damage vs siege. A better example would be Japanese.

Scorpions imply 3 things :

  1. A lot of time
  2. A lot of them
  3. All at the same place

If you raid at different places of the map you will force your opponent to make other units than scorpions.

The idea is that you don’t let the game last long enough for the enemy to start pumping out Imperial Age siege. Vikings intentionally fall off in Imperial Age since they have such a fantastic mid-game.

It’s not a case of “what can I do to stop this from going bad?” if you’re faced with Siege Onagers as Vikings. It’s already gone bad by that point because you didn’t defeat your enemy in time.

cav doesn’t counter siege. Every siege player would have their siege surrounded by halberdiers. If the civ doesn’t have bombard cannon, doesn’t have their own siege onager, doesn’t have siege engineer or doesn’t have redemption block printing monk, it struggles vs siege

Yes it does you are still forcing them to invest into and commit halberdiers to Defending their Siege Halberdier which are not defending their Eco and the Siege at the same time. The consensus is that you need to outmaneuver your opponent but Viking are not very effective at without passable Calvary. And sacrificing Hussars to take out trebs or BBC is total viable because Hussars are trash units.