What do you guys think about towers?

It seems that more and more we are seeing towers being used offensively and its not only mongols that are doing things like this.
We also see a lot of forward barbicans, stone wall tower rushes, tower rushes, etc.
I would like to know what you guys think, but in my opinion i think towers need an increase in cost maybe to 125 or 150 wood so if someone decides to use them in a forward location they cant just keep spamming them on the early game.


Am just gonna leave this here:

In hands of a proper player and with decent tower/outpost rushing experience is absolutely broken.

Of course depends on a civ which stands against you + on map … but in most cases its completely broken


Tower rush is stupid, is not fun and unimmersive… Every pro game I see with mongols is just tower rush lol


If you watch N4C tournament you can see now mongols are losing almost every game. The last patch hit them in the right spot. Now people need to learn how to play as intended instead of dark age rush with spears and towers


We are speaking mainly about China tho …

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It is because of “HOAMING PROJECTILES”.
Due to this FANTASY feature, AOE4 lost its identity as medieval RTS as such technology did not exist during that period.

So yeah, enjoy the AOE4 Fantasy genre with 100% accuracy towers!
Now you know what is the main issue.

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nah, N4C banned Tower rush, so the Mongols couldn’t do ■■■■…

and Indeed, without tower rush, the Mongols is the worst civ.

In Aoe3, a tower costs 250 wood. To put this in perspective, a Barracks costs 200 wood. And wood gathers at 0,5 per second, its the slowest gathering ressource in the game. Ontop of this, the amount of towers you can build is limited to about 7 or 8.

In Aoe4, a tower costs 100 wood and a barracks costs 150 wood. There is no limit on the amount of towers you can have.

Almost no one uses towers in Aoe3 because they are so expensive, only from aging up. Maybe towers should be more expensive, 150 wood for example.

This is a blatant lie. You are spearing misinformation and lies.

Tower rush isn’t banned at all. Mongols have been doing it nearly every game.

Whats banned is using Stone Walls in Age 2 and Stone Wall Towers are banned altogether.


Are you sure?
Bcse when I watched games, all pros played the Mongols without Tower rush.
Show me N4C tournament video of the Mongol tower rush pls…

How about you just check for yourself? Took me less than 2 minutes to find proof. This is from yesterday.

Just check any of the streams from N4C, stop at Mongols and see.

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sorry that is not tower rush bcse it is already 5 mins…

Ignore the troll, he also told me that I was lying when I said neither Hera nor TheViper said the game had micromanagement.


LOL, the troll is talking against the facts. So funny to see.

So 5 min Tower near the enemy base is Tower rush? Nope! At that point, it is a poor decision and is too late.

Not really, this doesnt apply only to china. Many other civs can do it. Mongols, english, even french can easily do it.

I have to disagree with you on that. Even if you remove accuracy you can still deny a whole woodline, gold, etc with towers.

I agree. Also there is the issue of stone wall towers. The fact they were banned in the tournent is a big tell that they were not being used as intended. I think the there should be a minimum amount of wall length required to be able to build them, that would be a good start.


Pls stop sharing fake news …

They only banned STONE TOWERS (wow sooooo bad for Mongols)

  • Stone walls untill age III (even worse for mongols uppppps )

That is one reason.

But towers with 100% accuracy completely traps an enemy in little space. Do you have any argument against this? Nope! This is why the game is ■■■■■■■ broken and turned into a “FANTASY” game.

Naah he is too lazy to prove something for himself just like 90% rest of this forum


Show me the tower rush of the Mongols then?
A proper tower rush pls!
It is like they banned it behind the scene or players are just bored, and just look at the Mongol winrate okay?

Twitch check 8h mark and you will see tower rush being used in the game between themista and beastyqt.
Regardless of the time, this discussion is about outposts in general being overly used offensively rather than defensively which should be their main purpose. This includes also stonewall towers too.


No ■■■■ Sherlock

But biggest issue RIGHT NOW it is with Chinese … of course how many civs have landmark like BBQ (+extra build speed time on that) + on all defensive structures

  • handcanon upragde instead of arrows