What do you need to actually do for Classic Conquest Achievement?

Regarding the Classic Conquest Achievement - Destroy all enemy units and production buildings during the Siege of Kazan.

I am positive I destroyed everything on the entire map. No achievement. What do you actually have to? Just destroy everything inside the city outer and inner walls? What about all the units and building across the map?

Gotta destroy every last unit as well

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On the entire map? Or just in the city? This map is huge.

It might be worth mentioning that reloading a save bugs out achievement completion, so you basically have to complete a mission without reloading to get the achievements.

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That is terrible. Especially with an achievement like this. It would help if they had a progress bar for it. YOu can then see if the people outside city count. What about the sheep? LOL

Slaughter all em sheep just to be safe, haha. But honestly, I agree with you. It would be a lot easier if we had some kind of bar to track our progress. Even for the Mastery system for instance, having a bar to refer to is a lot more convenient.

Whole map I assume. Thats how you would win in previous games…no units left standing

It would have been much better if that was the objective to end the mission. Right now reloading a save bugs the achievement. Do the sheep count? They are the color of the enemy. Baaa

Sheep shouldn’t count to my knowledge

I finally got it. Sent 20 scouts out to specific points on the map. That helped, sent the main army to clean up any hot spot. Then at the city, send a group up onto the walls to take out any troops up top. Circle the entire outer and inner wall. Main army cleanup up the out wall area. Then crashed the gate and sent archers to take out building to not draw out the guard troops.

When did it pop?
After you completed the mission, or at the result screen?

Mine popped after the result screen about 2 minutes later. I am on PC and many seemed to be delayed. I did see that I got the achievement in AOE4 screen.