What do you think about reworking HRE's tech "Benediction"?

I am pretty sure without even asking, that almost nobody researches Benediction (the tech that increases the construction speed of inspired villagers) since it is useless at the time one can afford it. I would like to hear opinions about getting it reworked and maybe you have some suggestions on what it could be reworked.

My personal opinion is that it either needs some rework OR make the construction speed a buff that inspiration has by default without any research required, which can be useful from the very beginning of the game and actually makes the economic micromanagement less clunky i.e no big headache from selecting the right uninspired villager to build the house/gold mine or select villagers that are NOT inspired to build the chapel in order not to have suboptimal ressource gathering. In this case, the boost would remain a situationally useful buff in the late game so it won’t make HRE OP (it would make their early game timings slightly better though :smiley: ).

Right now the building speed from inspiration is a very niche buff that requires researching a tech on top of that, sure it can be theoretically useful for late game keeps/towers spam but the 15% speed don’t seem attractive enough on top of having to wait for Prelates to inspire all the builders as they inspire 1 villager every 4 seconds and they have to follow villagers in the field. Additionally Prelates are almost always better used for boosting the economy or buffing troops. The tech is not worth it either for accelerating the building time of Imperial Landmarks. It feels like it was designed with a Wonders race in mind against non Chinese Civs.

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