What do you think about the current status of México's Haciendas?

Open this discussion because i’ve been playing México mostly around 1500ELO but my feeling is that the Haciendas are useful only in age 3 when these are producing free vills, because the food and coin trickles are just so low don’t make any difference and in 1v1 supremacy you don’t really use these to gather resources because is better to gather from natural resources so you never will use the haciendas to gather resources until late-game.

In age 2 there are 4 interesting federal cards with which you can obtain a certain value in return for investing in haciendas, but i think just don’t worth the investment because of the hacienda cost even if you use land grab.

Also for 1v1 supremacy tempos i think there is only 1 viable card that you can use; it is “Queretaro Haciendas” that gives you 20 pop for each Hacienda, but here is other issue i saw, the Haciendas has only 3500 HP when the hacienda cost 600 wood more than a TC and some times i do have some problems defending my haciendas, i think Haciendas needs more HP because of the wood value, these can’t have the same HP as 200 wood building like the consulate of Asian civs.

I think they are fine. The tlaxcala card that gives 2 vills and 2 vills per current and future hacienda is a lot better so you don’t need to have completed all 7 haciendas in order to get the vills, you can do 3 or 4 and the others later if you’re stacking wood. It’s also statistically somewhat similar to a brit manor boom and arguably better for xp since the virginia xp nerf, the vills and wood cost with land grab are also very similar allowing for a max of 16 extra villagers, 2 from the card and 2 from each hacienda. That being said you don’t need to do it and it may only be good in certain match ups where there’s little early aggression, the card that gives 20 pop is better for a more aggressive approach. The haciendas are also nice for transition to mills/plantations with just 2 being enough for any supremacy game allowing up to 20 villagers on food and another 20 on coin.

On paper and in practice I like them, they seem to be in a good spot.
I wouldn’t necessarily be against HP/siege dmg resistance boost or something, but at the same time you can make a case that it’s balanced by the fact that you only have to care about protecting one building instead of two, because of 20pop capacity. And that overall is a nice universal passive ‘bonus’- base can be a lil bit more compact and easier to defend, with a reduced number of the resource production building that all have a fairly big footprint.
On some maps it’s especially nice also because of the limited space and/or natural terrain features that make building and walling off a pain in the ■■■, whether these are small/frozen ponds, cliffs, or marshes.

I wouldn’t be against a new card or maybe even just a unit upgrade (working on individual haciendas) that installs some small lookout tower granting them ranged attack, or an upgrade adding some medium-sized wall around them that boost mentioned HP.

Should not receive shipments by default, specially military ones.

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Upgrades would be cool, there is a card that gives them a ranged attack and when stacked with 20 vills it’s stronger than TC fire though with less range, hard to send that card though when there’s better age ups.

pienso que la vida de las haciendas esta bien nose porque quieres que tengan mas vida quisas que sean un poco mas baratas de 600 a 500 pero mas vida para que si puedes recibir envios sacar comida de ellos y oro soldados para mi estan bien como estan mejor mira a azii mira como juega mexico

las haciendas que hace España dan soldados para sacar cuatreros o chinacos de las haciendas mexicanas tienes que usar cartas

maybe a little buff in gather-rate will be ok,