What do you think if new cannons are added to civilizations?

What do you think if new cannons are added to civilizations?


what would they add?

most artillery already is fairly similar, units need an actual role, and shouldn’t just exist to exist.


I’d like more Asian artillery, China and India warfare are much more gunpowder oriented than you think.


Makes me laugh that Falconets were the go-to gun for the Euros with the original developers. Even the Falcon is less of a pea-shooter than a Falconet (personally the Saker is my fav all-around gun).

I’d love to see more types of artillery however I think as mentioned, the Euros have guns for all occasions. As unit types go, European cannons are fairly clear-cut in terms of role.

Personally it would be nice if the Asian civs had a sensible, non-gimmicky roster of artillery types that were unique to them (though it doesn’t hurt to have a sprinkle of those more novel ones), so I’d certainly be more in favor for just the AD civs getting some love.


If there is one cannon in the image above that I could think of to be added to the game in the future, it would be the Saker. It could be a unique artillery piece for the [British] that will replace the [Falconet] for them. The Saker was apparently often used by the English.

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My guess for the falconet:

  1. They want to make it sound interesting and unfamiliar, so “cannon” is not a good choice. (Very much the same reason they avoided too “modern” flags).
  2. They want you to upgrade from a smaller, lighter artillery to a proper artillery. But they didn’t change the model.

Breach Loading cannon for ports, instead of the silly organ gun.


I wonder if it would be a good idea if the Portuguese could train this artillery piece shown in the picture below which will be a new unique unit for them. This triple barreled bronze mortar was cast in Portugal and is shown for display in the “Museu Militar de Lisboa” (Lisbon Military Museum).


I’ve said my piece about cannons and probablly how the Euros have enough but I will add one here for a bit of fun:

Maxim Gun for the British. Sent only via the HC in very limited numbers (its comes towards the end othe AoE3 timeline) and acting pretty much the same as in-game upgraded Gatling Gun, the Maxim was the world’s first fully automatic gun.


Gotta be honest. First time seeing one of those.


Then I am happy that I have managed to provide you with something that you didn’t know since before. :slightly_smiling_face:

I couldn’t find any information concerning the background of this peculiar looking artillery piece other than it was made in Portugal according to this website. It seems that this triple barreled mortar is a part of the chronological display, inside the first two wings of the museum, of most representative types of artillery guns cast by the Portuguese between the end of the 14th century and the end of the 19th century.

But at which year it was made is a riddle.