What do you think of knights/Lancers?

The reason why I ask this is, because all I see late game is just knight spam. As they are only 1 pop each, it is almost impossible to take them down with spearmen and crossbows. Since you cannot even get a numbers advantage. Don’t forget if the enemy has mangonels as well your spears and crossbows will get hammered even harder. The only real counter to a horde of knights/lancers I see is using pure camels against them. But I do not think you should be forced to play a certain civ just to counter a base unit every one has access to. Not sure if this is just me not understanding how the game works or what. But I do feel like knights could use a little bit of tweaking, just so they are not this unstoppable horde at the end of the match that has no real hard counter. Let me know what you think : )

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If the enemy maxes out on Knights, it means either you’re both in Imperial Age or you’ve massively ■■■■■■ up somewhere. If you’re both in Imperial, handcannons are definitely hard counters to knights. Go build springalds to kill enemy mangonels. Spears and crossbows are fine in castle, crossbows are way easier to mass up and deal bonus damage to knights. If your economy can handle it, men at arms are also better meatshields than spears. Especially HRE ones that deal bonus damage to knights. Knights have been pretty much the same for every beta I played. They cost 140f, 100g. There’s a problem if you’re not able to mass appropriate counters which cost less than 1/2 a knight.

I think French knights are definitley too strong, but your essentially complaining about a post imp full pop battle. Knights are the most population efficient unit in the game, much like in aoe2, a knight can beat a pikemen, its just not cost efficient. You need to try adapt and not let them get post imp with fully upgraded knights, fight them early-mid game when you can outmass them.

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