What do you think we are gunna get in a May PUP? 2.0

This is exactly the question that is in my mind
Will the PLC’s winged hussar be the same as the house of vasa’s winged hussar or they will be different?
Im sure there will be many cards for them to improve their stats and abilities

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It’d be nice to have Norway revolt for swedes but I don’t think we’ll get it until we at least get the name for the DLC.

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Mi teoría es que será el caso como el elmeto. Está la versión mercenaria y luego la versión de guardia papal.

Probably Winged Hussard will be for Poland and the minor civ will get a new units.

The real question, how is steamdb going?


I hope!

This should be the case whenever you can add something to an existing or new civ. Royal Houses should also provide access to units from smaller nations.

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After the “:eye::lips::eye::palms_up_together::poland::denmark:” news earlier this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if no balance patch will come till we get more newsof the dlc


those emojis say more than they did, excellent summary :joy:


tbf, that’s not hard to achieve, just mentioning the names would’ve out competed them…

I would expect at least 1 patch.

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It is supposed that there is no May pup.

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This really depends when they plan to release the Danes and PLC DLC. If they are going to release it August/September time I doubt we’ll have time for a new patch, however if the DLC isn’t released till like November/December time we probably will get a patch.

Do you guys find it weird that they haven’t started to drip us any clues on what the new DCL is going to bring.

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i dont expect nothing and still they dissapoint me


Because no one is working on aoe3 now…they busy with aom…probably same group of developers

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