What do you think will be the next pair of civilizations after the Malians and Ottomans?

The game has been extremely inconsistent with the era, what are you talking about?

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AoE4 wiki mentioned that the game starts in Late-Middle Ages (10th century) and extends to the Early Modern Ages (around 1550s). Can you give an example about anything that out of this time line.

But civs that started as early as the 5th and 6th centuries that existed into the medieval era could always be added. We have the Abbasid Dynasty, which is said to span circa. 750 - 1517 A.D.

Abbasid is started in 8th century.
Lets check the other civs:

  • Rus: 882-1552 CE
  • HRE: 936-1517 CE
  • Chinese: 907-1644 CE
  • English: 850-1555 CE
  • Delhi: 879-1526 CE
  • Mongol: 1000-1500 CE
  • Abbassid: 750-1517 CE
  • French: 840-1559 CE
  • Ottomans and Malians: 11th-16th centuries

They probably consider the intersection of all civs by saying, bc they all exist at the same time between 10th and 16th centuries. But we can say that 8th-17th if we count earliest start and latest fall as time frame.

Musofadi Gunners are based on the Dahomey Amazons which were a 19th century thing.

That was argued before in forum. Not clear but consider as an exception. Civs era is still consistent.

Musofadi Warriors and Musofadi Gunners are two different units both based on the Dahomey Amazons. The Warriors are just so passable for the time period:

King Houegbadja (who ruled from 1645 to 1685), the third King of Dahomey, is said to have originally started the group which would later become the Amazons as a corps of elephant hunters called the gbeto

Although they aren’t at all from Mali and are just another example of copying bs from AoE2 (like the javelin throwers and no siege crews). If they wanted to be accurate, they should have Benin as a civ that has these units.

The Musofadi Gunners are extra wrong because they’re depicted with a ~19th century rifle.

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They never made the criteria clear, the HRE existed untill 1806, so you might say they just cut it short till 1517 due to time frame, but then you see Chinese untill 1644?

Also the HRE starting date is wrong, should be 962, the title of Holy Roman Empire existed pre-962 but not the empire itself as that was the Frankish Empire.

And if the argument is that all existed between 10th and 16th century, why not just make that for every civ the timeline? It just doesnt make sense.

The timeline for chinese in game is starting from tang dynasty and ends with ming dynasty. So the dates are accurate for the timeline. End of tang - end of ming (907- 1644)

It divided in 1517

True, but debatable, some considers Henry as founder.

All civs in the list were existed between aproximately 10th and 16th centuries. So there is a higher chance that the next civ also in the same period. Therefore I’m not expecting an ancient rome or huns civ. But i cant figure out how many civs remain in the world that satisfy the equation. Could some history nerds reply for us please :slight_smile:

What? Divided? You mean Luther? As that has nothing to do with the existence of the empire and arguably it was by no means on the decline. The real decline started after the peace of Westphalia. So if anything it should have been to either 1555 (Peace of Augsburg) or 1648 and even then you cant just make up random justifications for specific civs. And I would say, just because protestantism existed that you cant say, welp end of the empire, as it wasnt.

So the Ming ruled untill 1644? Well the house of Osman untill 1923/24 so why not have that be the period for Ottomans? See? There is no consistency, they just make up as they see fit without any rules.

We have no South Asian or Southeast Asian representation in the game yet and I think that will play a big role into the next civ selection. My guess would be

1 Popular civ (Byzantines, Japanese, or Danes)
1 SEA or SA civ (Khmer, or South Indian)


Ofc they are not the start and end dates of the civs, Chinese civ didn’t expired after ming or started with tang. Most civs are even exist today. Game just saying that we’re narrating this period, and the dates are not random.

Narrative of the HRE is finishes after it divided. That is not too complex to understand.

Are you assuming game is simply wrong about dates. So they can figure out how old languages differs in every age and implementing it to the game but using wrong or random dates for civs history.

I’m just saying game is narrating a specific era, so next civ has to be exist in that era.

My prediction is:

  • Republic of Venice (697-1797)
  • Khmer Empire (802-1431)
  • Republic of Genoa (1096-1797)
  • Mamluk Sultanate (1250-1517)

The empire had multiple functions, while one of that was to protect catholicism, it wasnt the only one or really the core idea behind the empire.

The exact term “Holy Roman Empire” was not used until the 13th century,[40] but the Emperor’s legitimacy always rested on the concept of translatio imperii , that he held supreme power inherited from the ancient emperors of Rome.

The core idea since early medieval time is that there could only be one true empire, and that when one fell a succesor would step in its place. Which in this case is the Holy Roman Empire. (And yes ofcourse the Eastern Roman Empire still existed, but these are not my descissions or ideas)

Also even if you consider protecting catholicism as the main narrative 1517 still doesnt make any sense. It wasnt the first time that someone critizised the church or that a different christian believe was followed by people within it. You should then go by the Treaty of Augsburg when Luthernism was accepted, which is 1555, so even in this case 1517 is a bad choice.

They would never add both Venice and Genoa and I doubt they will be adding either of them any time soon.

Also Genoa was part of the HRE.

Yes, you’re right. I listed a few of them.

Just for the records, I’m not saying HRE ends in 1517, game using dates that important for the civ and suits for the time line of its narrative.

And I stated, thst if you use the fact the the empire wasnt about religion anymore as Luthernism and later Calvinism became official, then you cant pick 1517 as at that stage it was barely a thing yet, you will have to pick 1555, with reasoning which I mentioned above.

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It’s the launch date of the Reformation movement, i can’t say it was barely a thing. After that HRE divided as protestant and catholic. So it was an important event but its effects probably occurred in following years. Whatever, agree to disagree. I’m not HRE expert anyway.

The mamluk Sultanat is already in the Game. The description of the abbasid says:

In Age of Empires IV , the Abbasid Dynasty civilization spans the years 750-1517 CE and is based on the Abbasid Caliphate and the Mamluk Sultanate(!!). The empire was born in modern-day Iraq, but after the Mongols destroyed its capital of Baghdad in 1258, the seat of power moved to Cairo.