What do you think will be the next pair of civilizations after the Malians and Ottomans?

As the Malians and Ottomans are the first two DLC civs to be in Age of Empires IV, what next pair of civs do you think we will get next?

  • Bulgarians and Byzantines
  • Byzantines and Castilians
  • Byzantines and Italians
  • Byzantines and Japanese
  • Byzantines and Koreans
  • Castilians and Italians
  • Japanese and Koreans

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You forgot to add “Byzantines and Byzantines” :slight_smile:


Nope! I did NOT forget to add that and it was definitely intentional for me to not have that because having a duplicate civ exist is NOT a good idea.

As much as I want them to release the Byzantines, I also fear that the Byzantines wouldn’t live up to the hype as well. Seeing how generic they made the Ottomans cements this opinion of mine.
Seeing how unique and assymetrical the Malians are, I think the devs are more enjoyable in creating African civs than they are in making European civs.


byzantine,japanese and vikings


Who knows, if the public’s opinion about the Malian is good, Relic might go wild with both of the next civs

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So Relic’ s only victim is Ottomans.


It is not clear if the developers will follow this formula for future DLC - 2new civs, but not campaign or historical missions

Maybe, there will be DLC with 1 new civilisation + new campaign or missions or something else

Back to the original question - I expect Byzantines, Japanese, Aztecs, Vikings

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I also do not think, that japanese and byzantines will come in 1 DLC

These are probably most requested civs, so if they would follow DLC formula with 2 civs, I expect 2 seperate ############# Byzantines + other civ
######## + other civ

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Byzantines and Hungarian Kingdom


Pretty sure there will be 2 new civs in the next DLC (After the Malians and Ottomans) and we might still get one new campaign in that DLC.

Byzantines, Japanese, and Vikings are what I expect to see but not Aztecs because American civs might not be viable for AoE4.

If we obey the era which game represents:

  • Italians were part of the first France, then HRE
  • Byzantines didn’t see the end of 15. century
  • Vikings: too early
  • Bulgarians were under the rule of the first Byzantines, then Ottomans

Game has been consistent about the era so far, i don’t know if they keep it that way.

Have you ever looked at your own post history? You don’t mind it reads like a biased list of Otto/Turk design complaints and demands for buffs? You realise it would help your own agenda if you were more objective?

Back on point. Ottomans have been well received by the people that have actually played them, and it is primarily vinfriss, and a vocal minority that have complained about them

Viziers, variety of LMs, UUs that actually play differently with a fair amount of additional micro potential, makes for a good addition to the game.

Totally agree. Makes more sense to split them up, both thematically and financially, as they’re both the most desired civs, so makes it more likely players would be willing to buy them separately.

As opposed to buying the together, and then less desired civs bundles together in another DLC

This might be coupling too desired civs again: but maybe something like byz and Vikings DLC 1. Japanese and a SEA civ for DLC 2. Spanish and American civ DLC3

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We do have to remember that this game is set during the exact same timeframe as AoE2 (approximately circa. 500 A.D. - 1500 A.D.) and the Byzantine Empire lasted for the majority of this timeframe considering that the Byzantine Empire collapsed in 1453 A.D.

I don’t expect the Spanish to be one greater civ like in AoE2 because the Spanish territories weren’t unified until near the end of the Middle Ages. I expect a division of the Spanish civ from AoE2 being a civ (like the Castilians) just like we have a division of AoE2’s Saracens being a civ (which is the Abbasid Dynasty).

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Devs have made too much efforts on Mali. Everyone see this. If you dont see it, this is your problem. Also I hope I am not biased but I will see that devs will make more efforts future civs than Ottomans. I say what I see good also I say what is not good.I am player, I will write what I dont like. You like Ottomans dont mean I have to like. Ottomans have worst landsmarks ever, they are ordjinary buildings, they have no efforts. Jans are bad in the Pub, we will see how they are final release. I see in the Pub that Ottomans dont have tecs. I dont accept vizier point as tecs, they are mechaniic but you can accept which I dont care. Rus have too much siege tech, Ottomans dont have. Devs have made Seljuk landmarks but they dont give Ottomans horse archers. This is so ironic. Devs have made Ottomans to be too much releated Militiars School and I dont like it. If they make future civs as Ottomans, I am okay, they will be generic as Ottomans, dont have effort as Ottomans. Do you like it? No. You dont like. Then you will open too much posts and whine; history, civ apperance, unit apperance vs.

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I don’t think they will simply call them Italians, they will likely divide them into 2 or 3 civs since “Kingdom of Italy” didn’t exist in AoE 4 timeline. If they do divide them the most likely candidate would be:

  • Republic of Venice
  • Republic of Genoa
  • Papal States

Yes, you’re right. I hope it would be Papal States. It might have more interesting mechanics.