What do you use as Hausa as anti-cav?

I understand that Javelin Rider is available but it seems to be underwhelming in actual fights. There is no musketeer or pike type unit otherwise. Maigaidi does not have any anti-cav multipliers so not really a musketeer. Any suggestions how to deal with hand cav as Hausa?

Akans give you a true musketeer unit type.

Yoruba also gives you a panic button type of unit.

But javelin riders are usually enough, they are by far the best anti cav in the game, even after the HP nerf. Just mass them out.

For anti light cav, go with Hausa alliance.

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What “Hausa Alliance” do? And what is light cav (coyotes etc), I assume those counter the same was hand cav is countered

These are cavalry units that counter other cavalry. Example of light cav units are the following:
Javelin rider, dragoon, ryuter, cavalry archer, yabusame.

Light cavalry does not do bonus damage against other light cavalry (only heavy cavalry - melee cav and coyotes/chimu and some ranged cavalry as well). They are soft countered by musketeers and hard countered by skirmishers and archers.

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I though those called Ranged Cavalry, what coyotes etc are called?

Shock infantry in DE, light inf on legacy

There is some ranged cavalry that is also heavy cavalry.

Javelin riders are one of the best anticav in the game. Considered OP by many.

Magaidi have a really high hand attack so no multipliers are needed they destroy cavalry. you can send the 5 akans shipment to get a musketeer and then train them normally from the barracks. Javelin riders are just better though.

The akans do 9 less dmg in melee to cav and cost 15 more gold than musk but also get +20 hp and aoe ranged, I would say javelin is usually better. Just make sure you have enough, can’t kite as well as dragoons but you can get a lot more of em.

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