What ello do you fight against in your first ranked match?

I played this game for quite some time but only with either friends or bots(which are probably better players). I think I had around 200 games, I learned some basic stuff and have a civ in mind to go and try online. I watched a 700 ello game on YT and I think I play better than that but I’m not sure since I have almost zero experience vs actual players. I was wondering around what ello my first opponent will be and I thought about asking the community about the first online ranked match. How was your first experience? But the main question: What ello do you fight against at the start of the game(ranked)?

900 or 950 as far as I remember

Usually around 1000 Elo. It might take a few games but eventually you should end up with people of the same skill level. I did a little to well on the first few games I played so it made my starting Elo to high so I had to lose a few games before I reached my skill level.