What even is the coat of arms and monument in the deluxe edition

I’ve been looking at all types of posts and videos trying to get a glance of what the coat of arms and monument looks like.
I’ve seen the monument used in dev games but does it change based on the civ you pick?
I would rather not replace the town bell with a camel or anything as it would not make any sense for example the french to have a camel statue on their town center
The Coat of Arms is being kept more secure than a national secret guys come on xD!
Also show us the player profile!

Hi @Squash3k, The coat of arms and monuments are likely chosen by the player in the game menus before starting a match. I doubt there will be a limitation on choice based on the civ.


The monument is in the middle of your Town Centre.
The Coat of Arms is only in outside of the match.
According to a live stream a view months ago.


Thanks for the reply Radiating Blade and Skadidesu.
I have a good idea what to expect now, but i guess i do need some info on what the exclusive monument, coat of arms and player profile looks like…
It looks like we will have to wait for that folks

Should we be able to choose different monument according to different civilizations?

Nope. Both the monument and coat of arms settings apply to the whole game, not by civilizations

Surprised this hasn’t been answered.

You have an icon, a coat of arms, and a monument.

  • The icon is shown in the match screen (and at the bottom left when you create parties).

  • The coat of arms is shown on the loading screen with the icon on top.

  • The monument is in the middle of your TCs every game.

You can customize each of them while you are in a lobby, but doing it quickly might be a pain. For the Deluxe Edition, you receive a wolf icon, wolf coat of arms emblem, and wolf monument. Someone else mentioned that it’s probably a historical reference of some sort.

There’s also a free set for being an age insider.

All of the rest of the options are unlocked by completing Masteries. There’s 5 masteries for training/campaign, and 15 masteries for each civ. They’re little challenges you have to complete during matches (for example, the first HRE mastery challenge is to gather 500 resources in Dark Age using vills who are buffed by a prelate).

It’s a cool system, my only complaint is the color options for the coat of arms are crap IMO. You can only pick pastel colors, and the choice of colors is weird (for ex. there’s like 6 different shades of green but only one shade of orange, etc.).