What exactly is it based on or how are points calculated when winning or losing a ranked?

It is clear that the most important factor is the classification of your opponent, but beyond that, how much influence other factors such as your game statistics? How long did the game last? Does the civ you used have a better win rate against your enemy’s civ? if you played better than the average of the players in your ranking? If the map gave you a slight advantage? . I think it is important to know this exactly to be able to use it logistically, for example if you are losing the game and have a very low probability of coming back, it would be better to give up rather than risk continuing to play it so that you lose fewer points due to the influence of the statistics, because Obviously, the more time passes in uneven conditions, the more the graph line disperses.

If someone knows please answer me this, and if someone does not know exactly but has a clearer idea please do not hesitate to discuss.
PD ( the idea may not have been understood because my main language is not English)

For 1v1 its just the normal elo calculation. U can look up the formula if u just type it into google (:wink:

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On a side note.
Sort of related, but for “non-ranked” games (Casual multiplayer)… How many games do you have to play to get the 3rd star on your casual rank???

I’ve been playing for quite a while and only got to my 2nd star, other people I see with 6 stars on their profiles, which can only be explained by them playing literally 24/7 without sleep.

Similar to that, what is the win % to get the last chevron on your profile? (Can’t be 100%, because duh).

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Supposedly the stars are the number of games you play but in my case I was already playing little, but anyway I entered the top 500 in 1v1 and they gave it to me, so it also has to do with the ranking I think


If you mean that it is calculated using the equation that they use in the classification of chess games then ??? because at first I did not believe it