What features / content from other games (especially strategy) do you wish for AOE4?

Hello Age of Empires fans :slight_smile:

This thread is about picking up features / content from other games that might be interesting for Age of Empires 4. For features and content from previous Age of Empires titles I have created a separate post. What you missing from previous AOE in AOE4?

I have some ideas from Stronghold that I think would be good for Age Of Empires 4 as well.
-More lively AI: The AI players are very unique and entertaining. Their taunts are played in with an animation sequence where their upper body and face moves. When attacking, losing, defeating, winning, and in other situations, they give taunts without the player having to type a taunt beforehand. You play against someone in Stronghold and not just against a country as a whole. This would be very important, especially for casual players.
-Pitches that can be lit with fire arrows and do great damage to units.
-Water trenches that can be dug out.

What content and features from other games (especially strategy) would you like to see in AOE4?

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I like those ideas from Stronghold - back then, it was my second favorite game behind AOE2 :smiley: the aspects of “traps” is kinda not far from the “stealth” forest, and ocean stealth areas, where you can hide demo ships - so if you could similarly build things like pitches - which scouts maybe can spot.

Generally, I think it was also a Stronghold gameplay, where someone could play scenarios either as a defender or the attacker. Something like this would be great for AOE4 multiplayer. Replay historic battles where it’s balanced that both sides has a chance to win, but different style of game is necessary.


Yes Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader were also one of my favorite games besides AOE games :smiley: (Sadly the newer Stronghold games are not good :frowning: )

Yes traps for AOE4 would be really nice. Very cool idea with the scenarios. Hopefully relic will consider our ideas from Stronghold which would make AOE4 better.

In fact, I really hope that the original version of the unit melee function can be added back to the game, and I heard that in the original game design, there is a regional supply setting, the closer you are to the enemy’s town center building, the more weakened your army will be. I don’t know why the developers decided to remove all these features, but I want to see how AOE4 will play with these features?