What fluff would you add to AoE4?

Fluff = something that doesn’t effect gameplay/mechanics.

Personally, I wish idle villagers would smoke a pipe and whittle sticks, while groups of idles gamble and gossip.


Hmm, more types of herdables, huntables, and “wolves” based on biome.

Some sort of busy animation for buildings.


1-The cavalery unit could go down of horse and take a snak, from the horse backpack, sit his self on the land and eat ( have the horse eating grass)

2-Have the swormen pratice his swordskill.


Oh man, more mother nature stuff. Wind, water, animal sounds which are severely lacking, rivers and ponds with actual wildlife in them, insects flying around when you zoom in close, weather effects even if they are aesthetic only.

One can dream…

In the Battle for Middle Earth games you could hear and experience all that (a game from 2004). You could even hear Mount Doom rumbling and creaking if you played in a map close to it. That’s the good s… right there. Immersion.

  1. Villagers buying and selling at a market place
  2. Smoke rising from chimneys
  3. Soldiers training in military buildings
  4. Unplayable nobles walking around the city or moving from city to city
  5. A town bell in the middle that sounds off when enemy is near (Or gong in Chinese civ)
  6. Or maybe even a brazier on walls that light up when enemy is near
  7. Blacksmith smithing armour

Brazier on wall is so clasic, to rise a alarm fast, from far away.

Sadly, communication is not usefull since we are omnipresent.

If one day, our omnipresent statue change, communication could be a key feature for the age of empire series.

I would like dead units to stay on the ground much longer than they currently do in order to feel more impact from battles. Time for which dead units stay on ground could be customizable from options.


I am surprised not a single person has said operators on siege weapons considering the number of posts people have created about it.

If you all enjoy idle animations, you’d probably enjoy AoEO. There’s lots of personality and humor baked into anims.

Well, operators on siege weapon are like a taboo talk, that people try to avoid.

There is like 4 class of people:

1- No operator on siege weapons.
2- Animated operators on siege weapons.
3- Crew operator for siege weapons.
4- People who don’t care and don’t want to talk about it.

The 4 group are like knife out, ready to figth in a areana, to the deaf… and group 2 migth win, because they are a litle part of every thing.

Nah, more like those kinds of animation such as manning siege weapon are essential rather than “fluff” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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A lot of different types of trees like in Aoe2