What Genesis tournament tell us

Lets discuss the new findings of Genesis

  1. It’s clear that france is the most op civ in the game .

I don’t know why people can’t see that clearly , france was picked 24 times twice more than any other civ . Which clearly tell us even pro thinks france has advantage over other civ .

Also note the fact , there was rule that u can’t repeat the civ , u win with , this was the only reason other civ got chance , else every game would be france vs france . None want to at disadvantage in a game .

France either lost to france or a new cheesey strat in the game , in which infantry can make seige on feild with absadies and few other . That’s is only becoz people design those strat to counter france and they were new strat . Give some time france player will find a way to beat that strat as well , becoz France has inherent advantage over other civ . Pros practice 100s of game just to find a cheese strat to surprise and win vs france player . U can’t rely on a cheese strat to win always .

  1. Biggest finding of Genesis was infrantry siege timing . That is absolutely strong strat that took many with surprise . Either u scout that or just lose . Even france had hard time counter them dispite having so advantage . This is based on how op sprinol are when rushed .

Sprinol demage is too high and there is no effective way to counter them unless u have sprinol of urs. This is new strat to look on ladder .

  1. Professional scout strat .

I made a thread earlier telling how easy is to harash opponent in this game , so pro found a way to prevent getting harsah too much is use of professional scout and keep getting food on ur tc so u don’t have to put vill on far berries and deers . It also gives u fater gather rate , but also require quite a investment as well . Earlier only rus use to do that , now pros using it with almost every civ .

This is another strategy discovered to get a fighting chance vs france hatash specially . France knight with +1 range armour just don’t die , u have to keep ur vill safe , else u have no chance .

  1. Fighting vs france on water : well u can’t fight france on water , pros making multiple docks and boom early made a attack timing before they lose all the water to france . Some game it worked and some game it didn’t . But france always wins water .
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