What happen whits chinese players?


Does anyone know what is happening with Chinese players in my last 15 games I have had Chinese players 10 times and each time it’s the same they take the French or the English try to cav rush or longbow rush and if they fail they leave instantly

Wtf why play like this it’s a new 'cheat" for grind the ladder or something like that ?

It’s so not fun the game is lost or win after 2 minutes

Is there a solution to avoid facing against this type of players or I will have to quit every time I see a Chinese player?

I don’t think this would help them to grind the ladder quicker if they are giving themselves more losses if quitting when rush fails.

Whole US and European community asked for separate servers for years … specially in Company of Heroes 2 where Chinesse players are well-known for beeing game spammers (by this they somehow still climb up to TOP ranks even with their epic 48% winrates) or not-communicative in team games or dropping for no reason.

But of course u will be consider beeing a racist when u tell/write pure facts so yeah there is no way to avoid them expect alt+f4 when u see some guys with names like this in a lobby: dbashgkdwdf36468 (with chinesse symbols)

it’s not about separate servers, it’s about separate premade / duo with solo players.
solo players never stood a chance to defend the duo French knights spam + archers ram

4v4 is pretty disgusting, always match with duo and premade who played this strategy.
Maybe I am still too new, but I really couldnt think how to beat this ridiculous all in strategy come from premade.

*I mis-read the topic, but this seems not the “region” only issue, they need to improve the reporting system instead

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Yeah premade vs. randoms should never be a thing … Its like rule number 1 to be in team games … But quess what … its IN … it is even in CoH2 …

I hope this will be not implemented in rankeds as well otherwise am gonna say goodbye to AoE IV after 3 months

Speak out boldly and point out the mistakes of these Chinese players to game managers. I won’t object. I am Chinese. I don’t like such players myself. If there is any mistake, you can say it directly and boldly.

Chinese people themselves hate who like to say that the other party is racist unless the other party’s behavior proves that themself is racist


It is just a playstyle issue. If they are not cheating, you really can’t blame much.

I sometimes play rush the whole day, sometimes 2 TC opening the whole day. Both can be fun, it is part of RTS.

This is just a matter of them game style. They think they can’t win with one wave of impact, and there will be no chance later, so they choose to quit the game. Maybe they are players of StarCraft or Warcraft 3, and their game rhythm is like this, not only Chinese players like this.


As said, pretty sure its just a play style.

Back in the day I used to like all-in suicide rushes. Games were quick and high adrenaline. Cynically you can say its a cover for not learning how to macro properly - but still.

Arguably its more fun than building up for 20 minutes, then losing one big fight, knowing you’ll never catch up on their artillery death-ball and that being that.

I have to agree. I prefer to leave games if I see there is no chance to win. It’s just a waste of time. If you try a rush and it won’t work, then you don’t have too much chance to win, only if your enemy makes some huge mistake what is quite rare.

Everybody cries about ram on the forums, but let’s see, you need a minimum of 2 or 3, that’s 900 wood + army, you need a lot of archer or spearmen to make it. At this point, you spent around 1500 wood and 5-600 food and mb you are behind in economy because of it.

So, if the rush fails, why should you stay in the game? AoE games are quite long sometimes and actually, I really hate 50 min long games. In this case, why should I stay in the game for + 10-30 min to wait for my lose? Surrender and go for the next one.


Its just easy wins then, if you already suspect it, just scout to confirm and adapt accordingly